X-Plane 10

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Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 9/10

Great flight model

Clunky interface

X-Plane 10 is a flight simulator game designed for Windows, Linux and MAC platforms, giving realistic flight experiences and adventures. This game gives real engineering effects to you, as you can actually predict the flying qualities of the plane with an incredible accuracy. X-plane 10 is an extremely rocking game for those who are interested in having a plane flying experience.

It provides real experience of flying

The graphics, sound effects and the controls are the best and you will feel as if you yourself are flying the plane in the real world. You can control the performance of the plane and also handle the plane, according to the routes and tracks available.

X-plane 10 1

There are a variety of planes available for engineers to increase or improve their knowledge skills on how a new plane will fly and what are their varying features.

X-Plane 10 has a set of different terrains, planes as well as airports from where you can choose the most desirable set. There are a variety of aircrafts available from Boeings to space shuttle orbiters. You can have a complete real life experience on how these aircrafts works and can easily predict the performance of almost any aircraft.

Fly in a wide array of scenarios

X-plane 10 11

The various scenarios provided are roads, suburbs, cities, forests and landscapes. You can fly your plane in any desired scenario and have an amazing experience of the view which the game has to offer once the plane has taken-off.

Also, X-Plane 10 provides a variety of airports from which you can choose. The most amazing feature of the airport is that you get to land your aircraft, according to your choice and as per the guidelines. You can also choose chips as your air base from where you can fly your craft to your destination.

Wonderful view from the pilot’s seat

X-plane 10 12

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The terrain includes sky, clouds, sea, water bodies, and also land terrains which become an amazing and breathtaking view when viewed from your aircrafts pilot seat. Also, you can change the angle of view of your craft to have a better look of the terrains.

Although, understanding the controls, learning the different terrains, landing and taking-off properly and safely might take a bit time to understand, but once you have completely got the gist of everything, you will have the best experience of your life.

X-Plane 10 provides you with a brilliant feature known as the aircraft customization. Here you can create your own aircraft and have an awesome experience of flight. The various other features provided are high-quality 3D aircraft models, weathering systems, and many other wonderful experiences.

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