World of Warplanes

8.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10 3
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10

Ability to share gold and credits to other Wargaming titles

Some of the tech trees seem a bit sparse

If you enjoyed the World of Tanks you will love World of Warplanes! World of Warplanes is a simulation of historical battles. You will be able to take the skies as a jet fighter or bomber just like in the 1930’s and 1950’s.

Experience what it would be like to fly a plane that was from another era and experience the ultimate fight to survive the attacks from your enemies with only air between you and the ground!

If you like older planes and historical war battles World of Warplanes is the game for you!

World of Warplanes features airplanes that are bi-planes and other planes that was built for and during the Vietnam War!

World of Warplanes12

You will experience the real life action of using ammo, different types of weapons, and various types of engines, and many more.

In World of Warplanes you will become a virtual pilot. The warplanes have three classes. One is the single-engine. A great plane that is used for dog fights that is up-close and personal. Second, what is known as a heavy fighter. This plane is known for its straight attacks that are very deadly. Third, the strafing aircraft. This aircraft is known for ground attacks that are very fierce! Each plane has various options that are slightly different than the others. There are variations of the types of engines, ammo, and crucial modules. Each warplane has combinations that will help you to defeat your enemy.

You will not only be able to breach the gap between the World of Tanks and the World of Warplanes you will be able to interact with the new upcoming World of Battleships as well.

World of Warplanes8

What makes this game so awesome is that you will be able to create and army that will become unbeatable with your expertise in the airplane!

World of Warplanes is set in the Golden Age of military aviation! You will be able to experience what it would be like to defend your country from your enemies!

Do you want to dominate the air? It is time to kick some tail!

Your objective: become the dominant force in the air as well as on the ground!

World of Warplanes10

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You will need to use your pilot expertise to beat your enemy and knock them out of the sky. You will have several types of planes to choose from for you to take into battle. What is so cool is that you will have planes that are from the 30’s that are the best of the best biplanes to jetfighters that were used in the Korean War that opened the door to a modern air force!

The wide range of warbirds that are included in this free to play war game are unique in their very own way. Each warplane has their own types of behavior and effectiveness for battle.

You will be able to enjoy the excitement and thrill of battling your enemies while in flight!

Get your gear! It’s time to rumble! Go WarPlanes!

World of Warplanes is free to play.

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