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WarBirds is the MMO for fans of flight simulators, dog fights, and the history of World War II. It uses actual combat from the war as inspiration for its designs. This includes the planes, the terrain, the combat, and even the smallest of details. Everything about this game feels realistic.

If you played any of the previous titles in this series, you should already know what to expect. It has built large amount of trust and respect as a war time flight combat simulator, and it does a great job on delivery. It is a single player version of the game that you already know, offering more and making the most out of everything here.


As you may already know, WarBirds is not the first in this series. This single player game comes in a rather long line of games that started back in 1995. The original title, and those that came out since then, have sold well over a million copies. This is a hugely popular game that fans of the genres love. Whether you are more of the history buff type or you prefer the flight combat simulator aspect of it, this game does not let you down. It is full on adrenaline pumping excitement put into a brand new form.

In this game, you have single player combat to enjoy. You will various types of terrains using one of over 100 aircraft. This aircraft can handle and fly exactly like you expect it to, too. Whether you are new to these games or consider yourself an “Ace” at them, it is actually really easy to jump into it.


There are three levels of difficulty as well as available training. You can start fighting your foes in little time and in a way that is comfortable for you. With this training, you can even move your way up to become an ace if you are not there already.

The amount of options in WarBirds are incredible. Anyone can get into this and play in a way that is fun for them. Regardless of the type of mode or aircraft or difficulty you prefer, there is something here to suit you. Build the way you play around what you like. Continue building it to suit you as you grow, too. There are enough options here to keep you occupied for a long time. Even as your interests change, you can always find something in this combat flight simulator that will work for you.


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Everything in WarBirds comes in a realistic package. This is the best bit for the World War II buffs out there. The planes, area, scenarios, and options are all historically accurate. Realism is a key part of the excitement and entertainment so there is no reason to leave it out. From fighting in single player battles to going into online play, no matter the mode, you will feel like you are part of the war. It will have the mood, details, and historical facts just right.

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