War Thunder

8.4 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10 7
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10

Diverse modes of gameplay

There are only four players per group

This next generation combative MMO game is a military World War II dedicated thrilling and action packed game that will keep you wanting more.  As you take part in the game play you will find yourself in major battles against real players from all areas of the world.  You will crave more of this game and will anticipate more game play when you are away. War Thunder is the game to have and play!

With your armored vehicles, military fleets and aviation this you will find yourself in a highly optimal combative experience that will require your expertise to conquer your enemies.  Since you will be warring against different opponents you will be glad that you have access to dozens of weapons that are upgradeable, tons of planes including many different models, and so much more.  With each mission you go on you will be fine tuning your flying skills to help you better defend against the enemy.

War Thunder12

You will especially enjoy the attention to detail the creators took when designing this game.  You will actually feel like you are in a World War II fighter plane as well as being a fighter pilot as you take on your opponents in battle.  As you plunge right into war you will feel a thrill that you cannot explain.

There are multiple settings that offer you the opportunity to choose different virtual pilots and a mission editor.  You can take your game play on a solo mission if you so desire.

War Thunder6

You will be able to combat your enemy on land, sea, or air.  This is one of the great aspects about War Thunder.  Another cool feature is this game is free to play and is a wonderful flight simulator.  So many people already play this game all over the world so your opponents could be from a totally different place all together.

As you gain your game play experience and hone in your skills you will also be able to level up.  When you level up you can unlock new traits and skills you never had before.  These new skills and traits may get you out of some tight situations so make sure to take advantage of leveling up every chance you get.

War Thunder4

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You may be able to do such things as improving the armor in your aircraft.  You may not think that is important, but when you take a couple of shots to plane you will understand why improving your equipment and gear is important.  You can also upgrade to improve other things such as your weapons, your speed, your armor, and much more.

There are some pretty amazing environments you will be able to pilot through.  Each environment will be different and fun to experience.  You may be over the Pacific Ocean or you may be flying over Europe, this game offers to much variety that you will not get bored.  In no time you will be one beast of a player as you go through your game play experience in War Thunder.

War Thunder is free to play.

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