Volcano Flight Frenzy

8.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10 1
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 8/10

Easy to learn and it features realistic day-night progression

Pay with real money for cool upgrades

If you are looking for a game in the frenzy franchise, you will have to look no further once you find Volcano Flight Frenzy. This game is perfect if you are interested in a fast paced and exciting time. With this action packed flight game you are sure to find your favorite game in this virtual gaming experience.

As you start off you will be able to fly the Freedom Eagle plane which is at the least one of the greatest legendary plans of all time. As you fly to escape the exploding volcanos which happen to be very tricky you will find yourself on the edge of your seat as you maneuver your way to safety. In Volcano Flight Frenzy all of the volcanos of begin to explode and it is up to you to face the heat of the battle and race away from the fiery doom of lava!

Volcano Flight 5

You will be faced with dangerous obstacles that are also tremendously fun but they will take some skill which you will gain from the experience of the game. You will need to maneuver yourself and your plane through different things such as thunderclouds, lightning storms, and even enemy planes. As you race away from the explosive volcanos you will need to make sure to make it past these other obstacles as well.

As you go through the game you will be able to collect coins. These coins will allow you the opportunity to buy things and new gear from the store or even allow you upgrades. You can buy or upgrade to different planes and allow you to choose your favorite plane for you to fly in.

Volcano Flight 2

You can also use the coins to power up.  Once you are finished buying what you wish you can go right back into the game play and jump back into the action.

You can unlock different achievements by making sure you stay out of harm’s way and survive all the obstacles this game throws at you. This is a very cool feature, but one of the many awesome features about this game is the fierce range of air planes it has in stock. You will be able to choose from the Freedom Eagle you start out in to the Sinister Shark, or even the Grim Gator as well as the Lone Wolf.

Volcano Flight 4

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These are great options that you will feel on top of the world.  Make sure to remember to get boosts of speed as well as power by taking your planes to new levels by maxing them out with the coolest of upgrades. The upgrades are worth every coin you spend too!

With Volcano Flight Frenzy you will find one touch controls that are extremely easy to learn. You will be able to master them in no time. The game also has a neat feature that allows you to have a realistic experience through the night to day progression. This game is very powerful and thrilling that you will want to continue playing as long as you can.

Volcano Flight Frenzy is free to play.

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