Vector Thrust

7.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10 3
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 8/10

Solid selection of special weapons | Good combat system

Slow and clunky | No cockpits

Bring out the kid in you with a really decent arcade style flight simulation game. Vector Thrust is a fast paced combat flight game with a unique style. There is no lengthy story campaign to follow, just a fast fun combat system. The presentation is geared for the genre that has a passion for action-packed moments in a fighter jet. This basic gameplay is solid. Once you start playing, you’ll realize how much you’ve missed a simple arcade flight sim game.

The first thing you’ll notice is the games main menu which offers a lot of options. Vector Thrust gives you full power to alter any aspect of the game you choose. Now that’s a lot of power and there is no reason not to enjoy it. Your options range from simple tweaks to full blown modifications.

Vector Thrust12

It’s pretty radical. You can even add user-made skins and change user performance parameters. Say it isn’t so. The fully fleshed out Map and Campaign editors make it easy and open to anyone. Vector Thrust offers unlimited expandability and adaptability.

There are over 260 fully playable aircrafts. Tactical AI analyzes and responds to the dynamic battlefields. With all of this, and naval and ground units that all work together to complete their missions differently, you never have to complete a mission the same way twice. Keeping that in mind, you can enjoy thirteen different missions and a series of campaigns. Stay entertained from dusk until dawn. Engage in the competitive Challenge mode that includes 170 challenges. Modify the game with simple modding tools and create your own unique combat strategies.

Vector Thrust5

Enjoy this fast paced action combat game where you don’t have to memorize forty separate cockpit controls before engaging in battle. Vector Thrust is full of wild and challenging antics. The games arcade approach makes you feel like a physics defying rebel with a cause. Every plane is different which is nice when you are dueling with a myriad of Ace fighter squadrons.

The story Campaign offers thirteen different missions. There is an array of assignments ranging from fighter wing duals, to bombing runs, to escort objectives. The first few challenge missions restrict you to ageing Soviet fighters, but that is only temporary. With a few thousand credits you can upgrade and you’ll be zipping around in an F-16 before you know it. Just be careful corkscrewing around like a maniac so you don’t end up as a smoldering blot on the side of a mountain.

Vector Thrust1

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The smart use of cell-shading gives some great visual effects. The game looks really sharp with racked up resolution and colorful air effects. The muddy terrain, detailed building models, and cockpit interface make Vector Thrust a very attractive game. The sound effects are pretty awesome too. You hear realistic explosions and even a subtle boom as you roar past Mach 1. Additionally there are no objective pop-ups in the game. You are your own boss and the mission is basically to blow everything up.

If you have a passion for the air combat genre then this is the game for you. Vector Thrust is a simple yet exciting arcade style air combat thriller. You will get lost in the battle as you clash against titanic aerial fortresses and super-weapons. The variety is unending and very appealing. If you have been craving rocket-fueled, dogfighting action then look no further. Check out Vector Thrust, you won’t be disappointed.

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