Take On Helicopters

8.4 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10 7
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10

Detailed models of helicopters

There are massive bugs and broken carreer mode missions

This authentic flight experience is filled with tons of helicopter flying fun. The environments you will visit and fly over are stunningly awesome and will offer you a pleasing thrill filled time. You will be able to compete against friends or fly it alone as this powerful game offers missions of entertaining adventures. Take on Helicopters is must have game for anyone who loves flight games.

The visuals in Take On Helicopters are more than beautiful. You will see a the amazing backdrops of Seattle as well as South Asia during the game and you will feel a sense of reality even though this is a fully virtual game. You will be able to be the pilot of an actual helicopter as you experience this story driven and challenging game.

Take On 12

You can play the game in career mode if you want and you will be able to experience some pretty awesome time trials and other challenges throughout the game play. If you want you can even play with your friends with the multi-player function mode. You will feel as if you have literally had a real helicopter experience with Take On Helicopters.

As you begin your first steps in mastering your flight experience you will be able to create your very own missions with the neatly added feature of the mission editor. As you take on the air and visit the two amazingly beautiful places you will get a real glimpse of real world environments in the Seattle and South Asia regions.

Take On 11

As you are mastering your skills you will be taking on the cutting edge technology that model real helicopters and other authentic dynamics of flight.  Of course you can use the tutorial feature if you need help honing in your skills.

Who doesn’t like a good challenge?  This game does offer challenges so if you like challenging game play this is definitely the one for you. There are quite a few different types of game modes in Take On Helicopters which adds to the enjoyment of the game experience.  You can use the Free Flight mode to gain easy access to a cool chopper and fast flight fun.  The Career mode allows you to take on contracts and take over the business Larkin Aviation.

Take On 8

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The Challenges mode offers you missions to generate goals with quick and various helicopter game actions.  In the time trials you will experience challenges to race against time to carry out your tasks. You will need to beat the clock to do well but this just adds to the fun of the game.  The Editor mode allows you the opportunity to import or create your very own missions.

You will have a large combination of different vehicles as well as characters. You will simply enjoy this game and all its many missions and tasks you will be able to carry out. The helicopters are spectacular and you will enjoy all the time flying as you are visually pleased with the beautiful scenery.

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