Strike Suit Zero

8.1 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10 10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 8/10

Stunning visuals | Decent music

Unresponsive controls | Repetitive levels

It’s a good feeling when a game that you’ve craved for a long time becomes a reality. Strike Suit Zero is here and it gives space combat gurus something new to chew on. The game starts out with a clever introduction to the story line but basically it’s pretty simple. People wage an intergalactic war over their possessive nature. It gets interesting because there is formidable technology at their disposal. The fate of Earth is the immediate concern and its future hangs in the bounds.

Getting Started

Well, this is an epic story set in the distant future 2299. You must take control of the Strike Suit which is a revolutionary fighter craft with the ability to transform into a lethal suit of space armor. Once you get control of your initial ship, there is a short tutorial where you’re taught how to fly it.

Strike Suit Zero1

This also allows you to get the hang of boosting and firing weapons which is great when you’re ready to speed things up. There are many different missions available as well as a number of different ships you can choose from. With a large number of weapons and abilities at your disposal, pick your poison and go to war.

The visuals are stunning and the art design of the game actually give the impression that you are really doing battle in space. Discover the vibrant colors of the Strike Suit universe as you climb into the detailed cockpit with a first person camera. To take full advantage of four unique crafts you can upgrade your ships and customize your weapons load. Alternatively, you can use XedMod to create your own ships, weapons, and missions.

Strike Suit Zero4

The Strike Suit, which is actually a ship in the game, also has the ability to transform into a mech with incredible firepower. It also gives the ability to toggle between Pursuit Mode, for speed and power, and Strike Mode, a highly maneuverable combat mode. Strike Suit Zero is space combat reborn.

Engage enemy fighters and exploit their weakest points. Experience dogfighting action as you’ve never seen it before. The enemy crafts are numerous and fast so if you can’t out maneuver them you need to blow them into oblivion. As if high powered action and massive fleet battles weren’t enough, after killing a bunch of enemies you get the ability to transform. Enjoy fast, frantic space combat and freely engage multiple enemies. It just gets better from there.

Strike Suit Zero11

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Strike Suit Zero also features multiple endings and multi-screen support. Yes, you can play the game across three monitors and discover it in all its widescreen glory. It is also fully optimized for mouse and keyboard, gamepads, and a range of joysticks. This game even recognizes the Xbox 360 controller for Windows. Music from award-winning composer, Paul Ruskay, really sets it off. There just isn’t much more you could ask for. It’s fair to say that this game can be added to the list of Kickstarter hits. Strike Suit Zero is truly space combat, reborn.

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