Star Thunder

8.4 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10 9
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10

Varied modes of gameplay

Limited infomation available

NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: Jet Fighter Combat.

Get ready for some awesome fun with Star Thunder. You will be very well pleased with this game and the action you will experience in this space and air combat packed full of challenging and exciting entertainment.

There are so many cool features that you could go on and on talking about how great this game is such as the different modes it offers. You will instantly become engulfed in the game’s atmosphere of challenging feats as you begin playing Star Thunder.

Star Thunder3

You can play with your friends or on your own in single player mode.  It is all up to you and what you prefer. The story that will unfold as you go through the game is not only captivating but it is designed to introduce you to the universe of Star Thunder at the same time. Going all the way back to 1945, the story will begin as a nuclear bomb testing goes wrong.

This testing of the nuclear bomb causes a alteration of the space time continuum that instantaneously moves the entire solar system to another galaxy. The amazing thing about this new galaxy is it is in the distant future —– the 48th Century to be exact!  If you cannot even imagine this, you better get this game as it is a definite crowd pleaser.

Star Thunder2

In the beginning your galaxy will suffer from the shortage of essential resources that are needed for survival. Since the suffering is evident there is a dominant race known as the Precursors that have conquered almost all the planets and will be working on invading the third planet from the sun as well. This third planet if you have not guessed by now is planet Earth and it is still hot from the World War II that had taken place. You will need to help stop the Precursors from invading and conquering planet Earth!

As you fight against the enemy you will want to make sure that you do not destroy the planet as you combat and battle the Precursors. As the Precursors begin their invasion you will see them send out their smaller units first. These smaller units are their cruisers which they will send to Earth to visit the largest metropolis areas such as America, Asia, and Europe.

Star Thunder1

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They do not know how their cruiser’s engines will work in the terrestrial conditions of Earth’s atmosphere and they will not know you will be waiting to fight for your world either.

As you give the alien race of Precursors a competitive war you will experience a ton of fun and action packed entertainment with Star Thunder. As you fight for planet Earth as you try to preserve the planet at the same time you will experience a thrill you cannot explain in words. The result of what is left of the solar system’s fate is left in your hands. You can conquer this enemy and take them down. The people of planet Earth is depending on you.  Will you be there for them?

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NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: Jet Fighter Combat.

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