Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders

7.3 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10 3
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 7/10

Stunning visuals | Full of gameplay modes

Steep learning curve

Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders has taken the action back in time to World War II. This stunning quality game offers incredible aerial combat action both online and off. Among other locations, you can battle the Japanese at Pearl Harbor or defend London in the Battle of Britain. Marvel at the iconic air battles as you blast the enemy to smithereens in spontaneous dogfights. If you are not getting blown to bits, you must protect the targets while flying over massive maps. This game delivers on all the qualities this series is known for.

The six different missions of the game are expectedly multi-tiered, offering plenty of variety and flight time. The single player campaign itself is huge. As an experienced WWII pilot, you must protect yourself from Axis threats in the sea, on land, and in the air.

Sky Gamblers3

Combat over familiar cities is especially thrilling and the diversity of planes and plane options is remarkable. The game is intense and it offers plenty of options for both the casual player and the hardcore flyer. Impromptu players can use a simple, virtual D-pad layout for controls while advanced simulation players can utilize gyroscopic controls and multiple on-screen buttons.

The controls are as simple or complex as you would like them to be. The less experienced pilot can fly with a floating joystick while guiding the bullets. Yet, the hardcore simulator can pull the levers and tilt the device. This game easily adapts to the player without compromising the integrity of the action.

Sky Gamblers8

With a huge variety of optional modes, this game is packed to the gills with content. You’ll defend bases, battle to the death, and try to outfox opponents all while trying to unlock planes and master a nuanced control system. There are missions galore and tightly paced matches to overcome. Choose from free-for-all death matches, Last Man Standing, free flight, and the new Assault mode which all come standard.

Also impressive is the fully-featured multi-player mode. You can send invites to friends, find matches, and even voice chat while you battle. The multiplayer options are extensive and the online multiplayer is terrific. Equally noteworthy is the support of Apple tech. Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders takes advantage of Game Center, Air Play, and iCloud. Since it is entirely iOS centric, progress is not limited to one device. This is a really nice feature.

Sky Gamblers10

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This game comes with all the bells and whistles. It sports incredibly lifelike graphics, right down to the sun sparkling off your plane as the enemy fighters whiz by. The bullet-riddled recreation of the cockpit is spot on. Since the dialogue and the mission briefings are text only, there are no annoying voice overs to distract you from the action. This game is a wonderful addition to the flight simulation game genre.

This game sets the bar high. The tiered control scheme tips the realism and fun balance. It is as entertaining for the hardcore flight simulation devotee as it is for the novice who clambers into the cockpit and wants to become a hero of the sky.

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