Sky Dive: Proximity Flight

7.7 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10 7
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 8/10

Unique B.A.S.E. jumping experience

It may get boring after a while

Developed by the famous Gaijin Entertainment, Sky Dive: Proximity Flight is an extreme sport game which incorporates realistic sky diving feelings. As the name suggests, it is an adventurous game, where you can dive virtually and have an awesome feeling of controlling yourself as you dive.

Released in autumn 2013, this game has been setup for Xbox 360 and Play Station 3 platforms. This game can actually turn out to be a better option of play and you can enjoy it with your friends.

Sky Dive12

The main objective of this game is to dive the character, which is yourself, through the sky avoiding obstacles and performing stunts to increase your score points. Sky Dive puts you in a wing suit where you can have realistic skydiving experiences.

There are various obstacles in Sky Dive: Proximity Flight game which could threaten your safety. You have to clear those obstacles using motion controllers according to your platform. The movement of the diver is unrestricted, which means that you can freely move the character and ensure your safety.

Sky Dive8

You can perform various tricks in midair like professional Sky Divers and also use the controls to speed up or speed down your character according to the need. The game is totally based on talent and judgment, so as to control the character and score a maximum of points.

Your heart and mind will desire for more and more play of skydive

This game is not a one time play game. Even when you have completed the game, you will play this game again and again just to have a wonderful experience about sky diving. Various motions and tricks can be performed using controllers, just to make the feel of sky diving more realistic and enthusiastic.

Sky Dive11

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The developer of Sky Dive: Proximity Flight, Gaijin Entertainment, had put in the best graphics and audio effects to ensure a proper real life sky diving experience. The terrain, the effects and the graphics are so realistic that you will feel like you are having a flight of your life. You will feel as if you are flying as a bird and the experience you will have will be breath taking.

The game mode includes, adrenaline race, routes, tricks and freestyle. In adrenaline race you can compete against both or even against your friends, and perform deadly tricks and stunts just to show-off. There are a variety of routes available which are arranged according to difficulty. You can also perform death-defying tricks that are more and more complex and dangerous just to test your skills and increase your real life experience.

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