RC Airplane 3D Lite

7.1 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10 5
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 6/10

Fun and easy to play

Low quality graphics

Explore the many different areas of the beautifully rendered city with your own customizable airplane in full 3D. Complete quests and mission objectives in order to fulfill your purpose and progress in the game.

Compete with other players around the world by completing the mission objectives with the best time. When you complete mission objectives incredibly quickly, you earn a higher score than anyone else. In addition to all of this fun, you can share your score and times with other pilots located across the globe by using the Game Center feature that many applications run through.


Game Center also has the option to share your score on Facebook and many other popular social networking sites, so if your friends don’t use Game Center, they can still see your high score!

RC Airplane 3D Lite Gameplay

In RC Airplane 3D Lite, you pilot an airplane that is equipped with heavy machine guns, multiple heat-seeking missiles that fly towards the enemy airplanes and a ray weapon to destroy your opponents from afar.


Throughout the game, you will be sent on many different missions to destroy enemy aircraft, enemy helicopters, anti-aircraft, targets on the ground and different moving vehicles, all of which fight back against your plane to add another layer of difficulty to RC Airplane 3D Lite. With your wide array of weapons, there is nothing that will be able to stop you in your path of destruction, so prepare for a lot of missiles, machine gun rounds and rays to destroy any and all who stand in your way to glory.

RC Airplane 3D Lite is currently free, but has a few limitations that do not allow you to progress further in the game. In order to unlock the full game, there is a relatively low fee that will unlock the full version that RC Airplane 3D Lite doesn’t incorporate.


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However, for all of the fun that RC Airplane 3D Lite supplies to you, this low fee is absolutely nothing compared to the hours of engaging gameplay that unlocking the full version presents.

Come join the fun today, complete the different mission objectives and share your high score with your friends on Game Center to prove that you are the best pilot that RC Airplane 3D Lite has to offer! We look forward to seeing you in game, although I cannot say the same for the enemy aircraft that you will destroy!

RC Airplane 3D Lite is free to play.

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