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RC Aircraft is an addictive new game that is available on your mobile device. To play RC Aircraft, you simply download the game and open the application. There are no accounts required to play RC Aircraft, but the game does allow you to unlock special bonuses through in-app purchases.

Most of these in-app purchases are relatively cheap, but the entire game is able to be played without ever spending a cent in the in-app store. If you’re looking for a new game that will both challenge your fingers and offer hours of fun, engaging gameplay, then definitely check out RC Aircraft for your mobile device.

RC Aircraft2

Since RC Aircraft is available on the mobile platform, you can take the game with you wherever you go. There are no more long, boring car rides with nothing to do except twiddle your thumbs, because RC Aircraft will be in your pocket for you to play at any and all hours of the day.

There are plenty of different backgrounds that the game offers, each with its own unique twist on the entire RC Aircraft experience, so there is plenty to break up the game rather than having one bland background to fly your plane to for the entire experience. This adds to the overall aesthetic that the game holds, since getting further in the game allows you to change the background from the default bright one.

RC Aircraft3


The idea behind RC Aircraft is quite simple. When the game starts, you will be prompted to tap the screen to start the plane flying. Simply tap the screen to fly your aircraft higher and release the screen to let your aircraft fall. There are plenty of obstacles strewn throughout the level that you will need to navigate your way through using this method, so there is plenty of practice required to fully master the game.

The goal of the game is to get as far as you possibly can. The further you fly, the more power you unlock, which allows you to customize your plane and the backgrounds for the level.

RC Aircraft12

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This game is very addicting, so if you’re looking for a fun an exciting way to burn through some time, definitely check out RC Aircraft for your favorite mobile smartphone. People of all ages will be able to play RC Aircraft, so go to the app store now and check out the exciting new mobile game!

RC Aircraft is free to play.

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