6.4 Overall Score
Gameplay: 6/10 3
Sounds: 5/10
Graphics: 7/10

Great story and soundtrack

Dated graphics

Get to know a young ace pilot, known as Sonic Venus, as she risks everything to find her missing father. Moreover, become the young Sonic Venus as political intrigue wades through the war zone and blazes her path. There is more than just a family’s heritage at risk here. The well-being of an entire human society rests on the ability of this young girl. Will the planet become destitute or will society be restored? It’s up to you.

Venus has been transformed into a live-able planet in the distant future year AD 2096 which sets the stage for this awesome story line. However, not all is well in the skies of the second planet from the sun. Participate in the dramatic storyline as it unfolds in this arcade-like combat flight action game. When you take to the skies of this thrilling Ace Combat-like indie game, you will have the ability to change the planet entirely.



If you are into riveting adventure and a purpose to blasting the enemy out of the sky, then this is the game for you. Feel vindicated as the enemy cascades down in a ball of flames, crashing to the earth below. The thrilling dogfighting action keeps this game really exciting. Choose from aircraft that seems to reference the real deal or newly concocted unseen war jets, there are a fair amount to choose from. You can maneuver the missiles alone or rely on the friendly AIs, which are more than competent for assisting. The combat flight mechanics are similar in style to those of the classic Ace Combat series.

Enabling the “shader settings” at the launch screen will give you a completely new experience. Mission variety is top notch so there is not risk of monotony and boredom. Some are quite intense where you must destroy ground targets with ECM coverage while avoiding the enemy’s ability to jam your targeting systems. Others rely on destroying everything in the sky. Upon completion don’t take a breath, you must quickly climb back to 10,000 feet to avoid detection when the ECM wears off.



The graphics in this game are tastefully done and set the stage for authentic war action. The graphic style is a mix between Ace Combat 3 and Airforce Delta Series, only better. The voice overs are well-done and add to the already dramatic story line. The electro-styled background music has added symphonic elements that give the game that really futuristic feel. It makes you want to get up and move around while you are playing, especially if you’ve got the volume pumped up. You will feel quite vindicated when, and if, you get to the “Mission Complete” screen.


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I strongly recommend this game to anyone who is into electrifying combat simulation games. It will keep you entirely engaged all the way through. The visuals are elite and will be monumental to anyone into the futuristic genre. This game delivers, not only with incredible graphics but an awesome storyline and strong characters too. It is future-techno and definitely executes performance grade quality.

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