9.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 9/10 6
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 9/10

Smooth controls | Simple art style

Game is short | Hard challenges can be frustrating

Luftrausers is an intense aerial combat action gameplay. It is an arcade style dogfighting shooter. This one-man, army-style combat is seriously addictive on every level. The excitement starts at the moment you touch the game and it doesn’t stop until you do. The satisfying simplicity of this arcade style combat yanks you into the brawl and holds on tight.

Don’t underestimate the 8-bit style graphics. Climb into the cockpit of a fighter jet as the skies around you are set ablaze. Flames will rise from the seas as your enemies crash down.  This heart-pumping thrill doesn’t stop there. Each flight is jam packed with adventure. Each faceless drone has only one mission, to shoot you out of the sky. Your only ally is your hard-faced military superior, only recognizable by the small planes on their lapel pins.


There is a cornucopia of objectives and collectibles to keep you busy as you explore Luftrausers. As you navigate through them, you are decidedly able to unlock certain characteristics to upgrade and customize your Rauser (plane). As an infinitely complex machine, your Rauser is made up of a gun, a chassis, and an engine. There are available missions associated with each of these parts. As you complete the missions, you unlock additional parts or upgrades. Of course, each upgrade opens new capabilities which changes the stats of your Rauser.


Additionally you can also open new color palettes for the game. As you open them you can choose to play in greyscale like a WWII propaganda film, super 80’s neon, or any other color scheme that adds to the adventure. Much of the fun of the game is in the customization. Every crazy plane and possible combination of parts has a name which keeps things totally cool. The anti-gravity engine that drops a torpedo as it fires a gigantic plasma ball is called “The First of God” while the ability to fire a laser beam, go underwater, and develop immunity to melee damage is called the “Nightmare.”


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The entire gameplay is an entertaining and vivacious cycle of selecting a load out, mastering it, and switching to something even crazier. Be careful, while some parts grant only minor changes, others force you to change your whole gameplay strategy. Each flight starts out by throwing a few enemies at you. As you take them down, a greater number of reinforcements are sent in. As soon as you learn the basic controls, the game totally throws you into level ten mayhem. This exhilarating arcade style dogfighting game is horrendously easy to binge on. Luftrausers is the bounty of commotion and frenzy wrapped up in a game that will keep you busy for hours. Two thumbs way, way up!

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