Heroes in the Sky

8.3 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10 3
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10

Good multiplayer options

Uneven enemy AI

Imagine you are a WWII fighter pilot building up a fleet of fighter planes. Jump into the action of Pve, Pvp fighter combating in this action packed flight simulator game. The best part about it is it is free! Enjoy the realistic 3D graphics and effects, countless planes and equipment, and endless dogfights and complete campaigns. This is an amazing 3rd person shooter game built to make you take in the action for hours upon end.

In Heroes in the Sky you will scout for dangerous enemies in the hot seat of your own fighter plane. You will battle for victory using missiles, bombs, and machine guns in this up to 16 player game where you are trying to wipe out your component. Battle your friends and other online players to compete for the title as best fighter.

Heroes in the Sky12

Each game mode provides the player with new challenges and opportunity to bring down enemy pilots and the chance for victory over the war, and honor and glory to your team. Heroes in the Sky offers over 100 war-time planes including fighters, bombers, and gunners as well as premiums and avatars. The fighters that are used in front-line battle are the most common and the gunners are used as support blasting enemies with tons of ammunition.

The bombs large hulk can hold many bombs providing ground leveling support. The premium planes represent real planes and are customizable as well and the Avatars can change appearance all while maintaining its features. In this game will choose your plane and build up a fleet as you head out for war! What can be better than that?

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If you are a person who enjoys playing fighter plane games and simulating war games, you will love this game. The realistic features and endless amount of planes and ammo are just part of the excitement. You will have the time of your life playing this awesome game! As you advance and earn victories in Heroes in the Sky the rewards you earn will be used to upgrade your plane, and add weaponry, ammunition, and additional features.

Show off your flying skill as you play Heroes in the Sky in single or multiplayer fashion. You can unlock special missions as well making for more excitement. The game offers limitless opportunities as you fight your way to the top.

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The campaign mode is split into different level areas with over 40 different missions that put you in the excitement of history.You can get rewarded with cash as well as special flying maneuvers, as you team up with friends and go up against other online players.

Whether you are beginner, intermediate, or advance, this is a game that will keep you on your toes. 100% free it offers you the benefit of inviting all your friends to play and not worrying about spending money on special boards or incentives. These special incentives are available for play but are not needed to go head to head with friends. Heroes in the Sky is the game to play!

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