Gunship III

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Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 8/10

Offers real physics | Easy to learn

Graphics could be better | No instructions

Gunship III is not like any other flight simulator game for mobile devices. Gunship III actually lets you completely experience the Vietnam War in air combat. As an expansion of the Gunship III Vietnam War Series, this is one of the most realistic combat simulators in the world. Compatible with i-phone, i-pad, and i-pod touch; this app is optimized for almost all i-phones so you can play it anywhere.

Choose to be a US helicopter or a fighter pilot as the Vietnam War completely surrounds you. The infinite topography covers Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand, so don’t go down in enemy territory! The 3D graphics vividly design detailed cities, jungles, and air bases in true-to-life form. Nothing has been overlooked, right down to the ground troops. Produced in stunning high definition, this is probably one of the most realistic combat simulator games you’ll ever come across.


You can choose to fight your way through two different Vietnam War campaigns. The facets of each mission include many artificially intelligent aircrafts. Although the enemy is aggressive and fearless, you have AI gunners on board who will take down anything in your path. Depending on the mission, you can choose to fly the A-1 Skyraider, A-4E Skyhawk, or the F-4B Phantom II as a fighter pilot. US helicopters are available in seven fully flyable options. Choose your offense and go to work.

Each cockpit is a highly functional, three dimensional, detailed replica of the real thing. They boast fully functional dashboards, all moving parts, and ultra-realistic sound effects. Each meticulous weapons system in Gunship III is highly accurate. The high fire rate for miniguns is as exciting as the explosion effect for bombs and rockets. Genuine recorded sounds bring this game to life as you are immersed in the Vietnam War.


Highly Noteworthy Features

  • Artificially intelligent aircraft performance for advanced combat tasks
  • 3D cockpit with 360 degree view and full zoom
  • Fully functional cockpit avionics
  • Auto-pilot for long flights
  • Fully engaged weapons systems
  • Realistically detailed environmental graphics
  • Choice of two Vietnam war Campaigns
  • Full version boasts 7 flyable US helicopters and 3 fighter pilot crafts
  • Multiplayer with live chat

Once you immerse yourself into the Vietnam War and experience the air combat as it was mean to be, you’ll have a hard time tearing yourself away. With a fully functional multiplayer option allowing live chat, you can even fly with people around the world. Nothing could be more authentic. Play alone, with friends, or meet new people on your warfare adventure. Each exciting new quest will blaze a trail of jungle calamity and exhilarating air combat.


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If you enjoy simulated flying adventures, then this game is for you. With highly-detailed, 3D graphics this ultra-realistic Vietnam War experience promises to deliver. War heads and flight junkies of all player levels will enjoy blasting the enemy out of the sky. Don’t let this one by you without giving it a try. You won’t be disappointed.

Gunship III is free to play.

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