Flying Tigers: Shadows over China

8.2 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10 9
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 8/10

Plenty of content | Decent visuals

Difficult to control | Aircraft manoeuvrability limitations

Flying Tigers: Shadows over China developed by Ace Maddox is an exciting new air combat game. It is actually based on real events that took place in the China – Burma – India Theatre during World War II. It will put you right inside the cockpits of the planes as the pilot in the fierce fighting for their countries.

This game is great at recreating actual events that took place during the war. It follows an American volunteer group that fought in torpedo, fighter, gunner, reconnaissance and night missions. The Flying Tigers is a very well-known and respected combat unit from World War II.

Flying Tigers3

This group – officially known as the American Volunteer Group – was commanded by Claire Lee Chennault who had been advising China’s Air Force since 1937. These pilots actually flew missions for the Chinese prior to our entering the war. This was authorized by President Franklin Roosevelt.

If you have been looking for the an action packed multi player game and a game with a full single player mode, very realistic graphics giving feeling of actually being there and arcade style maneuvering this will be the game for you. With the new Trazer Time™ slow motion firing capability you won’t believe how accurate and precise you can be in your fighting sequences either. You will also have your choice of whether to fly an American, Japanese, or British aircraft in the location of your choosing.

Flying Tigers8

For a new game that has just premiered it is just great! It is very solid in its presentation and works extremely well. The game leans hard towards the arcade type of play.

You can control the weather and the number of enemies you take on. You can either fight solo or with up to 16 other players making it truly awesome. It will take time to see how well it is received but it has great potential at present. It also has a good tutorial in it so the learning curve is pretty fast.

Flying Tigers12

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The solo fighting is great as the AI pilots are very good and you have a serious amount of maps to choose from and in each you can select the weather conditions. The choices are plentiful and once the game is out there should be plenty of players from which you can get the battle scenarios going very well.

Flying Tigers: Shadows over China should end up being a very popular air battle game. Once it has been fully released it should take over as the game of the air battles. The graphics plus the Trazer Time™ will really pull the serious gamers like you in for a look. Go ahead and give it a shot, you will like it!

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