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Simple to use and responds well to controls

Crashing issues

Do you have an adventurous side that is aching to come out? Do you like wide open spaces? Flight! will help you to embrace them in one swoop!

Flight is the game of all games for the beginner to the experienced pilot!

Free and fun to play!

The features of this game are super! The aircrafts are terrific, there are many new elements included within the game, many new adventures (missions) for you to enjoy, and gorgeous scenery! Scenery that is breathe taking and beautiful!


Do you want to see if you are good enough to keep the aircraft in the air? Do you like to travel in exotic out of the way places? Do you love beautiful scenery? This is the game for you!

You will be able to test yourself and your skills by going on missions and completing each challenge along the way!

To build your career and earn points you can go on aerocache hunts!

The aircraft are created after the historical planes from past events to your typical personal aircraft. You can go to a special hangar that the aircrafts are stored and you can go by and choose what aircraft you would like to fly. The aircrafts have different paint schemes available. Or you can just drop by to fuel up for you next mission. If you do not find what you want, download another plane. Be sure to check-in from time to time because new aircrafts are available.


The Hawaiian scenery is beautiful. You will enjoy the experience of learning how to take off and land from various airports. Did you know that you will also be able to learn how to land in the water?

There are several activities that you can participate in to earn points and experience to build your career. The missions will help you to reach your goal of flying very quick! You will learn to fly and learn the basic actions with a few quick missions. Just remember that when you complete a mission the next mission will become a little harder to complete.

There are many missions and challenges for you to test your skills as well as meet new friends from all over the world.

Along with each challenge you have the potential to earn a trophy. The trophies are bronze, silver or gold!


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You will have hidden objects to find, transport goods, and ferry passengers. What is so cool is that you will see how a bird will see what is going on and be able to explore Hawaii they no one else has ever experienced.

If you want the fantastic experience of feeling like you are actually behind the controls of an aircraft flying over the Hawaiian Islands; you need to check out Flight today!

You will learn how to fly an aircraft and experience what it would be like to see the world through a bird’s eye view. It is an incredible sensation!

Let’s hit the skies and begin an incredible and exciting adventure of a lifetime!

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