European Air War

8.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10 2
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 8/10

Realistic mission tasking

The limited screen resolution affects combat

European Air War, a game for the person who loves to fly and fight for his or her country!

EAWS was created during the era of World War II in 1942: Pacific Air War. You will be able to sore through the skies through treacherous times fighting your way through Messerschmitt fighters in order to make sure the B-17’s arrive safely to their destination deep within the Third Reich.

Are you ready for the dogfight of your life in the air over France?

You will have the choice between 20 fighters (that are very authentic) who come from the United States, Germany, and Great Britain!


As you fight you will pick up the skills of the fighter pilots during the career mode setting. The more you fight on this mode the better you will become!

The game features many radical aircrafts that are flight models from 1942. The cockpits are detailed so good you will feel like you are in the real cockpit.

You will go on missions that will include up to 256 planes that are in the air at the same time! Pay attention!! There are a few combat missions that you will be involved in. You will encounter escort flights, intercepts, bomb targets, fighter sweeps and interdiction!

If you want to move up and become leader of your squadron you will need to play in the campaign mode. This mode will help you improve your skills and will help you to become the best leader of any squadron in the world of European Air War!


There is a newsreel that is included for you to enjoy and watch. It is a newsreel about historical events that will show you just how everything really was in World War II.

This game is an 8 player game so that you and your current or new found friends can help each other when you encounter a dogfight or have a mission that you may need help in completing.

Now that we know the basics it is time to take to the skies and test your skills and see what you are really made of!!

Your mission is to save Southern England from German Bombers and knock them out of the skies during dogfights.


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This game has been upgraded with spectacular graphics! You will be able to enjoy the excitement of new missions, 29 new planes to choose from, new terrains, and new skins for your planes! The special effects are even better now that high resolution graphics have been introduced to this already incredible game. The European Air War  game is now new and improved and waiting for its new pilot to report in!

Do not forget, this game is not just any old game; you will not only enjoy the action and adventures, you will meet new friends along the way too!!

As you advance through the various missions you will find that you will not only be able to fight for Southern England; you will be able to have other missions in North Africa, Russia, and Italy as well.

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