Drone: Shadow Strike

7.2 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10 7
Sounds: 6/10
Gaphics: 7/10

Great graphics and controls

Ads pop up even during gameplay

Drone: Shadow Strike is an epic military warfare game that offers a mixture of strategy, fast paced combat, and real action. The games gunship style approach is a welcome prospect in the industry. This game is actually designed with strategy in mind. It will challenge your skills as you operate the world’s best UCAVs.

This game puts you in the hot seat right away; there is no waiting around for the action to start. It is set in the heart of covert aerial warfare and you are the special ops coordinator. You must work your way up the chain of command through a series of covert missions. Start as an Airman Basic and rise up to command as a Master General. There are twenty official ranks. Evade enemy fire and raid their bases before they take you out.


Fly seven different types of UCAVs, from prototypes to in-service aircrafts. The touch controls are intuitive. Command the battle with just a fingertip. Slight inputs allow for the success of a critical mission. However, this game will present you with specific target objectives.

Drone: Shadow Strike offers over 280 challenges and 70 achievements. Additionally, there are twenty-four missions in four real-world inspired campaigns. You must defend, survive, strike, and escort! Lay waste to the enemies of the state using ultra high tech equipment. Strategy, skills, and superior firepower are at your disposal. Some missions do have a time limit but there are hefty incentives for taking out as many enemy forces as possible.


Four different types of weapons include cannons, guided missiles, rockets, and bombs. There are twenty awesome ways to light ‘em up. Missiles are strong and easy to aim. They also have a massive blast radius. The reload speeds are also worth mentioning too. With all this said, it would be tempting to just go in and keep blowing things up but there is no strategy in that.

You can choose to be light and stealthy or loud and proud with the superior upgrades that are available. You can even fly alongside friendly AI forces but you must protect them at all costs. You must achieve precision strikes without doing harm to friendly units. If you continually knock out your own allies then the enemy forces will get too close. There are also seven additional enhancements that you can use to dominate the battlefield.


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The visuals are great with 3D models and an infrared style targeting system. This game is more like a military drone simulation with great colors and a realistic environment. Voice clip audio enhances the military ambiance. This game is quite immersive, making you feel the overall weight and impact of your actions.

This combat military flight game is great to play alone or with friends. Facebook and Game Center leaderboards even make it possible to compete with people around the globe. This game is definitely a ten in terms of overall satisfaction. It is a must have for anyone into military combat. With real world missions and weapons to back them up, Drone: Shadow Strike will not disappoint.

Drone: Shadow Strike is free to play.

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