Dogfight 1942

7.4 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10 8
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 8/10

Solid arcade option

Voice acting is inconsistent

Always dreamt of flying the fighter jet planes? Well, keeping your fantasy alive, we can provide you a vicarious pleasure of flying the jet planes through our very own game: Dogfight 1942. This game takes you back in time of the world wars with a simple idea of combating the enemy attacks while shooting and firing at the same time to destroy those rival aircrafts. Loved by all kids and teenagers, this game has created a buzz around while making it a well-recognized and sensational flavor of the season.

Dogfight 1942 captures the moods of the kids like never before. In general it has a user friendly, easy to follow and intuitive controls to make your navigation butter smooth. Easy navigation controls for maneuvering the plane orientation, dropping the bombs, open firing the enemy fleet make it a convenient option and all the more likeable choice for young kids.

Dogfight 1

It allows a player to choose from a spectrum of 20 aircrafts comprising of P 38 Lightning, Britain spitfire, Japanese Kate etc. with an exclusive WWII experiences based out of real life events such as Battle of Midway, destruction of Yamato and V-1 London attacks.

The main game is split into two acts: The Onslaught and The Road to Victory with a detailed tutorial to guide one through. Avoiding unnecessary complexities and cumbersome details, a casual experience transforms into an ardent passion within the snap of fingers. With an eye catchy interface and attractive GUI, our game sets the audience right into the action mode.

Dogfight 10

With an extended advantage of three local multiplayer modes, it sets the fire amongst the contenders to triumph over the opponent in the right spirit. This provision adds on to the enthusiasm pertaining to the game making the competition even more edgy. The various modes to operate on include survival mode, dogfight mode, campaign co-op.

A session of 45 minutes is a good stress reliever amidst the immense workload of exams. Unlike the violent series which have a detrimental effects on minds of children, this game brings  a distinctive feature of allowing the flyer to making new friends along the voyage, changing clothes and operating in varied surroundings of tunnels, volcanoes ,mines etc. hence eluding any chances of monotony.

Dogfight 11

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So play on and play along! Soar like a bird and reign the skies, for there is no better high than flying high up in the sky. Explore, reveal and unleash the unexpected.  Watch out for the rivals while giving them a tough time with your skills and an arsenal of weapons along.

Dogfight 1942 guarantees a delightful experience one could vouch for.  A fast paced game for the fast paced life, we translate the real time aviation experience into a computer aided flying familiarity. So gear up to live up to the thrilling adventure and as well as a great flight.

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