Disney’s Planes

8.4 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10 3
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10

Good flying game for kids

Cannot be played with other consoles, only Nintendo

Disney’s Planes takes you on an adventure through the skies. If you are excited about the upcoming theatrical release of the film, then you are going to want to know about the game’s release. This gives you the chance to go on an adventure with the cast and see what awaits you.

The controls are simple to understand and the game itself is incredibly enjoyable. Whether you love Disney releases and games or you love to fly, this game will likely interest you. Anyone can pick it up and start playing quickly, even children. With the 1-2 player game play available, having fun with friends is always possible.

Disneys Planes12

You start out this game ready for flight. You are going to be playing a one of the ten characters from the movie, including the main character, Dusty, voiced by Dane Cook. This helps you to choose the character that you like the most before setting out for flight.

After picking out your favourite character, starting to fly in the skies is going to be easy. Since this is a game that was made to be played by children, the controls are the kind that you can pick up and play. There is no worrying about whether you will understand it or not.

Disneys Planes2

There are multiple ways for you to enjoy this game. You can play Story Mode, of course, as well as three other modes. These include air rallies, free, and balloon. You will be able to play through what you enjoy and begin flying like an expert. Whether you are trying to progress through the story to unlock more of what is available or you are simply in it for the entertainment, there is going to be something for you to do. This will also increase the likelihood of you playing for longer, along with your ability to. This can help you to have a more entertaining experience as a whole.

You do not have to play this game on your own. If you would like to play in multiplayer, you can. Disney’s Planes offers a 1-2 player experience for anyone interested. This means that you can have a friend or family member pick this up and play alongside you.

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You will be able to compete to see who is the best and you will be able to play alongside each other to play through the game. With ten characters, four modes, and plenty of fun to be had, there is going to be a lot for the both of you to do while playing.

Disney’s Planes is a lot like Disney’s Cars, just in the sky. This spin off of the popular series helps you to have fun in flight, and even as your favourite character. You are going to be able to fly through the four modes and see more of what this game has to offer. This helps you to always find something new to do in this game. Since you can also play with a friend, you will be able to enjoy yourself even more.

Disneys Planes is free to play.

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