DCS-Black Shark

8.2 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10 4
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10

Highly detailed and realistic experience

Steep learning curve

Flying in games is incredibly enjoyable. You can go through the skies in your aircraft and have a lot of fun doing missions, but this is rarely realistic. In fact, most games have rather simple designs and controls when it comes to aircrafts, which can take away from the entertainment for a lot of people who like to fly.

In DCS-Black Shark, you have something amazing and different. You actually need to have a knowledge of how to get the helicopter off the ground and how to manage everything. It is an incredibly realistic game that is going to test your ability to fly and to do everything.

DCS-Black Shark12

This game is an amazing flight simulator. This is rare to find, especially since most games just have you use one button and you are up. While it may not be right for people who do not care too much about flying, it is perfect for the fans of flight and simulators.

You have realistic controls that are what you would see in the real helicopter. You are going to be clicking them and setting everything up to be able to fly, and you are going to have to do this in the appropriate order. If everything is done correctly, you are going to be off the ground and in the skies.

DCS-Black Shark10

The realism does not stop there, though. It continues to every part of the helicopter, including damage. When you are flying and when you are hit, you are going to be going through the same things that you would in real life. Your helicopter and the various parts of it will be affected by what happens, which makes this even more challenging when you are playing.

It may be a difficult part of the game, but it adds something that a lot of others are missing. If you want to keep yourself challenged and if you want to fly something realistic, this is for you.

DCS-Black Shark8

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You also have missions to complete in this game and things to do. As you are given your missions, try to do them without fail, of course. Since you are going to be managing your helicopter and dealing with everything that is thrown at you, this might be rather challenging. That is what makes this game fun, though. If you are tired of simply walking through the missions as if they are nothing, then this is definitely going to be a great change.

The DCS-Black Shark is one phenomenal flight simulator. From the controls to how damage affects it, it is highly realistic. This helps you to have a lot more fun in the game. If you are a fan of these types of games, then this is going to become one of your favorites most likely. Its gameplay, missions, controls, and realism all add up to a unique and enjoyable experience for all. You will be able to fly like a real pilot and you will be doing so in an actual helicopter with realistic controls.

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