Combat Wings: Battle of Britain

7.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10 6
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 6/10

Fun combat | Easy to control

Dated graphics | Repetitive gameplay

Combat Wings: Battle of Britain is designed to be an easy-to-learn, fun-to-play aerial combat simulation and that’s exactly what it is. It has avoided all the complexities largely accompanied by most modern day simulators, like G-force limitations and stall speed. In exchange you have an attractive, exciting, and graphically intense arena in which to join the Battle of Britain.

Luftwaffe has launched its aerial offensive. They may be the stronger opponent but the Royal Air Force has you. Can you hold off the enemy long enough for them to engage new combat planes? Your aircraft is ready and waiting. Will it be the Hurricane or the Spitfire? If your skills are noteworthy, you could be the first to fly the Hawker Tornado or the Westland Whirlwind into combat. This is the kind of game where you can just get in and start shooting without bothering about all the intricate details of air engagement.


Prove your competence against the best airplanes and pilots the German Luftwaffe has to offer. Sweat through massive dogfights with German planes swarming everywhere, all trying to take you down. The satisfying simplicity of Combat Wings: Battle of Britain allows you to outfly and outshoot the enemy, if you can. First you must master the plane, then the weapons. Just don’t underestimate your opponent, the Royal Air Force is counting on you. Let the chase commence.

Get on board one of these realistic planes and dive into the ultra-world of dogfighting fun. The cockpits are engineered to resemble the genuine article. Gauges appear on the bottom of the screen in all views for easy reference. This game is user friendly, but that doesn’t mean you won’t need mad skills to prevail. Aerial views also appear in the upper corners so you can see everything around you. Combat Wings: Battle of Britain is designed so that even the novice can jump into the cockpit and go to work. Of course, the novice would use the simplistic easy mode, but that’s what it’s there for.


As you progress, you can decidedly unlock characteristics to upgrade and customize your planes. In your new success you will be rewarded with bonus missions, promotions, and decorations. If you’re really good you’ll even get a view of Berlin burning from the tail turret of a Halifax bomber. Use the never-ending supply of ammunition to make short work of complete squadrons.

You will find yourself in the midst of many diverse scenarios including land-based targets and mid-mission surprises. Engage in German bombing raids or coastline intercept missions. Some things happen in the light of the day while others under the dark cover of night. You’ll never know what to expect. Just remember, the enemy is never too far away.


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Enjoy the true-to-life graphics that handcrafted every minute detail. The color scheme is perfect and the realism of a detailed damage model couldn’t be better. The dynamic physics lend themselves to great avionics and the stunning special effects just enhance everything. Even the environments are ultra-luscious. Now, the German pilots do actually speak German. This makes it a little difficult to understand the trash talk, but that really doesn’t matter once they are in a flaming nose dive.

You can choose between arcade and flight simulator modes. If you are in multiplayer the options are the Luftwaffe or RAF. You can actually communicate with your wingman, which is always most helpful. Once you graduate to the rank of Flight Lieutenant you can actually issue commands. This is especially gratifying if you’re playing with a bunch of your friends.

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