Bomb: Who Let the Dogfight

7.2 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10 10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 7/10

Great artwork and decent flight model | Amusing story and dialogue

No tutorial | Long loading times

BOMB: Who Let the Dogfight is a shoot-em-up simulator that will reconnect you to your childhood. Forget serious WW2 air combat and take part in a fun and legendary adventure. BOMB is a pure adventure dogfighting game that mixes the elements of both arcade and simulation. It is pure bliss.

Besides the dogfighting element, you can destroy ships, tanks, and even zeppelins. If you enjoy blowing things to smithereens, then BOMB: Who Let the Dogfight? is for you. The action grabs you at the beginning and does not stop! Beware, the enemies have many tricks up their sleeves. They may even try to deliberately stall themselves to get you off their tail right as you are homing in to blow them to kingdom come. They have many other slick tricks as well, don’t look away for a moment.


You get to play the one and only Marcel ‘La Moustache’ Gaston. He is an adventurer with a taste for money, wine, and a touch of danger. He pushed the limits until his enemies hired a team of mercenaries to blow him out of the sky. His taste for wine allowed him to develop quite a little gambling problem. Unfortunately, Mr. Gaston traded the weapons on his aircraft for a case of wine. Yes, that’s right. That’s why he needs your help. Now, we won’t mention his unusual obsession with setting the casinos he gambles in on fire. Maybe that’s how he upset the wrong crowd. In any case, this time you are not playing an enlisted man. In fact, this guy may be little below the bar.

All of that aside, this game will test your skill in both flight simulation and accuracy. Climb into the fully featured cockpits and hold on tight. You will have to fly well enough to retrieve your guns in the beginning, then the action heats up. Colleagues will look on in shame as you blast their allies out of the sky. Air pirates better run for cover when they see ‘La Moustache’ coming.


The graphics in BOMB: Who Let the Dogfight are pretty admirable. Somebody really took their time with this. The four playable environments are beautiful, right down to the reflections on the seabed. The cell shading is pretty amazing and the flight dynamics are convincing. Add a leather cap and a scarf and you’ll feel like a real pilot.

You can choose from eight flyable planes and seventeen solo missions with fun and drama. There are also skirmish and survival game options. You can even dogfight against your friends with three multiplayer game modes. There can be up to sixteen players which could make it really interesting. You can also use the mission editor on the dedicated server. Control options include the mouse and keyboard, gamepad, or joystick. This makes it accessible to just about everyone.


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This game is a rare gem and the story line is a beast. It will simultaneously excite and humor you. The dogfighting action is awesome. There are also tutorial missions at the beginning of the game so you can get your feet wet. This will give you the opportunity to learn how to use ordinances such as bombs and rockets. It also introduces the pilot who is a real character. This is not a game that you will lose interest in. There is actually an easy to follow storyline which is a nice feature that many flight simulation games do not have.

This game is highly recommended to anyone that loves flight simulation with an element of arcade. It’s definitely a different style, but it works. With all the changeable options and features, this game is sure to please. BOMB: Who Let the Dogfight is a game made for fun.

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