Apache – Air Assault

8.2 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10 3
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10

This game is officially licensed by Boeing therefore it is an authentic helicopter combat

Steep learning curve

Flying an Apache helicopter is an amazing experience that many soldiers have regularly. If you would like to experience this without going to war, you can play Apache – Air Assault. In this game, you are going to be flying an Apache helicopter, going into combat, and carrying out the missions given to you.

It is your job to go into these areas torn apart by war and stop the terrorists from causing any more damage. With an Apache to assist you and three crews, you are going to have plenty of power wherever you go. Take advantage of this and use the realistic aspects of the game to win your battles.

Apache 12

You have various challenges ahead of you in this game. With there being terrorists across the globe, it is going to be your job to find them and to use air combat to make sure that they are not a problem. Using the Apache, you will be able to see your missions through to the end. You are going to be using the various weapons on this helicopter and you are going to be taking full advantage of the three crews provided. This will help you to do better while in battle and you will see greater success for your side.

For most games, doing this is all about getting into the air and shooting. Sure, that can be fun, but it is lacking in a lot of ways. Apache – Air Assault wanted to be different, though, and it succeeded in this. It offers realism that few others games can match. You can see this in the controls and while you are flying.

Apache 11

You will be seeing and managing the cockpit as if you are a real pilot, adding more to your playing experience. You also have realistic damage and other parts of the game that allow you to have fun while feeling as if this is real.

This is not about just flying. You have plenty of missions to carry out and you are going to be able to do so at your skill level. Choose how you want to play the game, like arcade the more in depth option, and then get to it. You will be able to go through mission after mission in order to protect people and stop the terrorists. It is your job to do air assault and to make sure that missions are a success. With the weapons and options given to you, doing this is going to be very possible.

Apache 8

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Apache – Air Assault is an entertaining game that a lot of people can enjoy. The flying in this game is realistic and can get you more involved in the experience. From the cockpit to the damage received, everything is going to be like a real Apache helicopter.

You also have the missions and the air assault, adding a decent amount of action and interest. You are going to be destroying the enemy, the terrorists, by air in order to protect people and keep them from causing any more harm.

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