7.9 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10 5
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 8/10

Interesting game modes

Can get repetitive

What Is Altitude:

Created by Nimbly Games, LLC, this multiplayer air battle game is in a cute dogfighting concept. 2D planes fight over colorful arenas and you must avoid damage from enemy aircraft as well as inconveniently located scenery!

The Game:

Although this game has a lighter graphical atmosphere, this game is deeper than you might think. You must become acquainted with the aircraft movements and the arrow keys. For instance, if you climb too slow you will stall out, if you dive you’ll pickup, possibly, unwanted speed. Constant movement around an area of the map that you might want to stake out can be pretty tough to accomplish.

On the upside, after two games, you will be flying like an Ace Fighter Pilot due to the keyboard based controls and memory.

Once you have mastered canyon dives and immelmann maneuvers you will must concentrate on your offensive plan of action. Immelmann, by the way, is a maneuver in which an airplane makes a half loop, then resumes to its normal position by making a half roll. Mastering immelmann maneuvers might be a challenge, but quite rewarding once you do!


There are 5 aircraft classes, each comes with two standard issue weapons plus the option to grab and deploy special one shot power-ups.


With guided missiles and EMP grenades, this little plane is the master of the chase.


Impact upon collision rockets and mines are this plane’s specialty –¬† ergo this plane’s name “Explodet”!


Bouncy shots, teleport and reverse makes this agile plane hard to counter attack.


Reliable guns, superior burst damage, this is a fearsome fighter



Grenades and tail gun fire will deter most enemies on the spot.

Here are the various Modes:

Bomb-Carrying Mode: You and your team must work together to destroy an enemy base.

Plane-Ball Mode: This mode seems to attract the most frantic of play. As a team, you work to collect a ball deep in enemy territory. There is absolutely no communication so players are passing the ball around in split-second decisions and just hope for level points.

Team Based Destruction Mode – Nuke the other team before they nuke you!

Team Deathmatch – You had better shoot’em all down!


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The Perks:

Rewards are based on kills, assists and the length of gameplay. New players will not have the same level of customization as veterans, so leveling up is key in this game. Unlike some fighter pilot games, Altitude expects a little more from you. Movements and concepts don’t come overnight and it can be a workout on your fingers. Accept you will not reap great rewards when starting out, but once you have mastered your flying skills you will discover the greatest way to fly!


If you enjoy maneuvering aircraft games with a touch of cute graphics and a little patience in learning flying skills, this is a really fun, fun game! There are also guides to help you along. So get your family and friends and become the next Ace Pilot in the charming game!

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