Airport Mania – First Flight XP

6.9 Overall Score
Gameplay: 6/10 9
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 7/10

Fast and intuitive

Graphics is a bit bland

In Airport Mania – First Flight XP, you have something that is adorable and entertaining. The graphics and overall gameplay are perfect for people of all ages, even young children. This makes it something that the entire family can play, or that you can play on your own with no worries.

With how addictive and exciting it can be, you will never want to put it down, either. This will give you something to play for a long time. When you consider how big this game is, especially this XP edition, that is going to be an easy task. Play to see what is different from the original and try to beat your high score.

Airport Mania 5

Airport Mania – First Flight XP has you helping the adorable little planes to their destinations and do what they need to do. As they come in, you have to direct them to the runway and to the specific buildings afterwards. This is going to be easy at first, but it is going to gradually become more difficult as more planes come in.

The speed is going to increase and you have to hurry up to stay on top of them. Make sure that you are fast and that you know what you are doing so that everything goes by without a problem.

Airport Mania 4

The game is going to be rather challenging as you go through it. Unlike many similar games, you are not going to be restricted to a single airport. You are going to have several available that you will be able to visit throughout the game. Along the way, you are going to be completing many levels.

This means that you will be able to enjoy this gameplay for a long time, something that is going to excite many players. If you played the previous version, then you should know that this one offers a lot more for you to do. It is the extended play, after all, so you can count on it to be much bigger.

Airport Mania 2

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One of the wonderful parts of this game would be the art and music. This is what makes it a lot more appealing, especially to the younger audience. Rather than giving you action packed scenes and making it look like a real airport, you have something fun and full of wonder. This is going to excite your imagination, as well as any young children playing it. You will watch as the adorable, tiny airplanes come in and you will help them to do their jobs, then watch as they go off into the sky.

Airport Mania – First Flight XP is popular for a reason. It offers the gaming experience that you are after is a cute, enjoyable way. This makes it playable for audiences of all ages, which is also possible because of how simple the gameplay and controls are. As long as you can keep up with the increasing speed in the game, you will be able to find success and joy at every new level and airport.

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