Airport Mania 2 – Wild Trips

7.6 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10 8
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 7/10

Funny mini-tasks at each airport and various strategies to explore

Hard to differentiate the plane colors

Return to the skies and travel to incredible destinations in this amazing sequel to Airport Mania: First Flight! Airport Mania 2: Wild Trips is going to take you on an amazing journey around the world and beyond in 9 unique locations.

Visit places like the North Pole, Monsterville, the Moon, and Tiki Taka Island where you’ll land planes directly on the water! The music is whimsical and fun and the game is the perfect vacation getaway! If you haven’t played it yet you are surely missing out on the fun and excitement!

Airport Mania 4

Airport Mania 2 – Wild Trips features 99 levels of play and over 9 different stages. You will see over 18 different aircrafts and over 50 different awards that you can earn. You can also have the opportunity to beat the perfect score challenge! This is a sequel game that really hits the mark. Airport Mania 2 – Wild Trips is an all-around good game that hits every mark its predecessor has missed. You will have the time of your life playing this game!

In Airport Mania 2 – Wild Trips the basis of the game is to get everyone where they need to be as quickly and safely as possible. As the planes fly in from the top of the screen, you will click on them and direct them to the correct landing strips. Once the plane lands you will send the plane to pick up passengers, refuel, or unload or whatever the need may be. After that you will click the plane again and direct it to a free landing strip to return to the lovely sky!

Airport Mania 5

The game can get a little challenging as there are several aircrafts in the sky, that don’t run on the same schedule, or maybe they have an emergency. Whatever their need is you are the person who has to land them as quickly as possible and in the best sequence.

The challenge and strategy comes into play when you incorporate combos and points multipliers. Planes are color coded and when you land a plane if the dock turns a certain color and you land a plane to that same dock in that color, you will earn a multiplier. This is what you want. Points are what gets you to the high score and helps you to beat the game, and the rewards are worth it!

Airport Mania 6

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Upgrades are important in Airport Mania 2 – Wild Trips, and you want to think about what you will buy with your points to make the best choice. Some of your choices will include upgrades to make things run faster, or amenities to keep passengers happy longer. So spend your money wisely!

You will never get bored with Airport Mania 2 – Wild Trips. This game is jammed packed with surprises and guaranteed to keep you busy for hours upon end. The visuals are great and it’s fun to see the planes blink and smile at you and even scowl when you get a little behind. This is a game you don’t want to miss out on!

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