Airport Madness – Time Machine

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Sounds: 6/10
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Control air traffic in different time eras

The levels seemed quite long

Airport madness-Time machine takes you on a journey as you develop from a grass field in 1925 to a major international airport in 1970.  Starting in the control room in 1925 then build your way up as your airport grows into a multi-runway wartime airfield in 1944, to a giant one in 1970.

You will witness Lindbergh, the breaking of the sound barrier, the first passenger jet, and the birth of the Boeing 737. Just think of what air travel would have been like in 1925. After WWI there were many pilots who wanted to keep their skills in use , they would hold air shows where they would do stunts, and others would offer paid rides to public patrons.

Airport Madness 1

Flying mail service was also popular in 1925, but passenger travel was not as popular until after the late depression. Travel became very popular after WWII when the travel boom began.

In this game you are going to witness beautiful artwork, and the developer wanted that to be their top priority when making the game. With it being a walk throughout time, it demanded the need for great graphics. The structural design of Airport Madness-Time Machine is immaculate.

Airport Madness 2

Depending on how well you play, each level will take you anywhere from between 5 and 15 minutes and there are 60 levels to go through. A great feature of this game is the ability to revisit any level you pass, which is a pretty cool option.

Most of Airport Madness-Time Machine is based within the 20th century, but there are images that date back to the 1800’s. You can also visit aviation the way it wasn’t! At some point during your progression through the game you will be offered the option to visit a fantasy version of 1802, where you will imagine what flying would have been like if the drawings of Davinci’s early flying machines were ever produced.

Airport Madness 3

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You can also charge to the future year of 2173 where you can wonder what future airports would be like. The concept is based on what is more than likely obvious so you are going to see planes that are much faster and larger. The airports will be more efficient and high-tech, and everything will be in a very fast pace. You will see thousands of people move in and out of the airports in seconds.

This is a game that will take you back in time and spring you forward to the future with worlds of airport fun. If you love history, airplanes and games you will love this game. It is sure to keep you busy for hours as you start from the bottom and work your way up to running a full function airport. There is great art, 60 different years to experience and 3 different eras! Go on a trip through the future and experience what airports have to offer, but whatever you do not miss out on the fun this game has for you!

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