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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be an air traffic controller? If you have ever wanted to be in control of the planes in the sky than this game is the one for you. In Airport Madness Challenge you are on a quest to become the most extreme and awesome air traffic controller that any tower has ever seen.

In this game you get to try your hand at air traffic controlling and get to work your way through 25 different airports in an effort to become the best air traffic controller out there. The best part is that Airport Madness Challenge is not only super fun but it is also super free! Airport Madness has several different levels that increase in difficult and you get more experience points, and coins the better you do.

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As you learn how to navigate planes so that the air traffic moves smoothly you will find that you get a real feel for what actual air traffic controllers go through.  In this game you have to manage the air traffic without having any crashes or slowing down too much, which can prove difficult as more and more planes show up to land and you also have to make sure that there are no crashes while the planes are in flight.

As you gain more experience points and get better there are different kits and rewards that you get like being able to tell planes to circle around, or to land on different runways. You can also control how fast the planes take off or land. If you are not ready to be a pro yet than you can play at the novice mode. In this mode you can practice getting the hang of handling the stress of an air traffic controller.

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This game is great for you if you like excitement, and time based games where you have to manage your time perfectly or you could crash a plane…or two! Best of all is the fact that there are 29 different airports to choose from and 21 different types of aircrafts that you get to navigate and help land and take off.

This game also has fun themes like urban themes, military themes, and you even get to practice your skills against sci-fi themes, who knows maybe you, will get to help land fighter jets as the fight off the next alien invasion.

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The game has tons of other fun features that make playing it ever more addicting. For example you earn career points which allow for you to unlock different airports and aircrafts; you can also cover or power up in order to recover from crashes. This game also has great speed controls which allow for you to play at your own pace, this means you can go as fast or as slow as you want.

Best of all is that you can challenge or play with other players online or by Bluetooth. You can challenge them to a time attack or to a last one standing challenge. This game is great fun and offers lots of excitement to keep you entertained for hours!!

Airport Madness Challenge Free is free to play.

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