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It gets expensive after the first few levels

Airport City is a fun interactive game where you get to build a social network like many other sim games that are available.  When you play Airport City you get to build houses and place them where you like and you also get to build a market street that can have anything from a hot dog stand to a five star restaurant on it. They best part of the game however, is that you can put a runway for your airport where ever you want.

This is a fun new take on a social game. You not only get to interact with other players and get to design your avatar but you also get to control planes and try to get enough passengers to take off.

Airport City12

As you build houses near the runway your goal is to get passengers to live in these houses until you have enough people to fill up a plane and that is where the game gets interesting. But before we get to the planes let’s talk about the market. This is where you will make most of your money so that you can afford to fuel the plane.

By selling goods in the market and playing games you can earn coins that will help you get the plane out of the hangar, filling it with passengers from the housing you have built, and then fueling it so that it can fly away. Some flights are faster than others taking only a few minutes while some flights can last for several hours.

Airport City1

This gives you time to get more coins to make up for what you lost to send the flight off. There are also different bonuses, for example the faster you can fill a plane the more points you will get, or if you earn coins fast than you can get multipliers to help you earn more coins.

Airport City is a social game that requires you to get help from you friends in order to get certain parts for your planes, or to help build houses. Like most games that are on Facebook unless you are willing to spend actual money there will be some waiting time as you replenish your points and money.

Airport City2

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However, while you wait there are fun things you can do like selling goods to get some money that way and building more houses to bring in more airline passengers.

This game is different from other social sim games because the focus of the game is the runway not the world built around it.  The world where you can socialize and buy goods is there to help you get points and money so you can send your passengers off on a flight. There are several levels that increase in difficulty with every step but if you have friends on Facebook that also play this game then there is nothing to worry about as they can help you repair your planes and get more money to send more into the sky!

Airport City is free to play.

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