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Fun and very relaxing game

Not a lot of better scenery

Have you ever dreamt of flying your own plane? While this may be difficult, or nearly impossible, in real life without going to flight school, it is possible by playing Airplane!. This is a game that puts you in the air in many types of environments, testing your skills and seeing just how much you can do.

There are a lot of options and it is a great flight simulator for anyone who wants something simple yet enjoyable. It also offers stunning graphics that make it feel a lot more realistic, which is going to improve the experience that you take away from this. Through every flight, you are not going to want to put your device down.


The entire point of Airplane! is to successfully fly a plane that has cargo or passengers. You are going to need to get in the air, take the right path, get to your destination, and successfully land the plane, making sure that everything and everyone in the plane is safe.

Doing this may seem boring or simple, but it is actually quite exciting. If you are a fan of flight simulators, this is a game that is likely to attract your interest. You are going to be able to fly easily and in an exciting way, and all without a lot of hassle.


Several planes are available for use in Airplane!. You are going to be able to go into the air with all of them and have a lot of fun, and all while enjoying everything that is around you.The scenery is wonderful and the environments are going to make things a bit more challenging at times.

Whether you are flying on a bright day or in the middle of a thunderstorm at night, you are going to have excitement and challenges all around you. This makes the game a bit more difficult, but it does not take anything away from it.


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One of the better parts of Airplane! is its graphics. For anyone who is concerned with the appearance of games, especially games like flight simulators where realism matters, you are going to want it to look good.

This is one part of the game that you do not have to worry about because the graphics are spectacular. While they are not the same as what you have in larger games that you can play on a computer, of course, they are still great for a mobile game.

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