Air Traffic Controller 4.0 Lite

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Fun air traffic control game

The letters attached to the planes are too small

Directing air traffic in real life is a difficult job, and Air Traffic Controller 4.0 Lite successfully takes that challenge and makes it fun. With this game, you will be directing traffic in order to keep everyone in the planes alive and the airport working magnificently. Doing this is going to be entertaining and exciting, sure, but it is also quite a large challenge. You have to be accurate and you have to be quick in order to succeed. Since this is the lite version, it does not offer as much as the full version does, but it is still wonderful and it still offers the experience that you want.

Air Traffic5

Air Traffic Controller 4.0 Lite takes the job of an air trafficker and makes it a game. If you have ever been curious of what it is like, or if you really want to challenge yourself, this is one game that you are going to want to try. While it may seem easy on the outside, and certainly easy at first, the challenge begins quickly. It is a simple game with a lot of excitement and difficulties thrown in to make it addictive. You are going to want to continue testing your skills and you are going to want to see how far you can go, and how well you can do, of course.

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This game requires care and thought in order to succeed. You have to make sure that you are putting a lot of effort into this in order to succeed, which is going to be a lot more difficult when you consider the fact that you have to take action immediately. This is not the type of game where you can sit around and strategize; you have to make split second decisions in order to be successful. By being quick on your feet, you can get the planes to where they need to be.

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Air Traffic Controller 4.0 Lite is the restricted version, of course. You still have all of the fun that you want, and the experience that you are after, but it does not offer everything. It is the free version, giving you a simplified and smaller version of the game. With the full version, the challenge is boosted, adding things like strong winds and computer crashes. There is a lot more for you to manage and face in the full version, making it feel so much harder.

Air Traffic Controller 4.0 Lite is free to play.

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