Air Rivals

8.3 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10 5
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10

Flying is easy and fairly intuitive

Simplistic and grindy

What Is Air Rivals:

Air Rivals, developed by MangaSoft and published around the world, is an excellent combination of a shooter game along with an advanced sharing by a large number of players.

Air Rivals is a 3D game set in a futuristic war where two nations are in combat. You will start off as a mercenary pilot. Fights are more player vs player than individual combat.


You start off with an excellent tutorial which is nicely detailed. Although you can skip the tutorial, it’s a good idea to go through it because you can get some really nice goodies along with way. The tutorial also offer some lessons that you should not pass by. The learning curve is really great for newbies and a refresher course for veterans.

Gear controls are excellent and very smooth, allowing for fast, smooth rolling and shooting. You can enable or disable the auto mode, making fighting more difficult. That said, with good skills, this feature can give you a greater edge over your opponent.

You can upgrade and customize gears by buying new equipment, but as you gain new experiences, you will achieve the same skills. The game relies heavily on skills and tactics so if you are a skilled player on a lower level, you can potentially defeat a player on a higher level with lesser skills.

Air Rivals12


There isn’t a customization section to choose your avatars appearance but you will have a choice of 4 gears to customize from. Each has different skills , some advantages over other skills and some weaknesses.

You can upgrade and customize your gear by purchasing new equipment.


This fighter gear’s strongest capabilities are for ground combat. This armor can take most hits.


This is a bomber plane with excellent aerial combat features and combat superiority.


This is sniper gear with the ability to take long range shots and destroy your enemy before you are ever detected.

 Air Rivals5


This is a healer and support craft to repair other gears.

Wars and Battles:

Unlike other games where you immediately jump into PvP, you start off with quests. Once you have reached level 10, you will have to make a decision as to whose side you are on. Bygeniou City United (BCU) or Arlington National Influence (ANI), it doesn’t really affect the gameplay one way or another. Players add to National Contribution Points (NCP) by shooting down enemies and winning battles.

Each nation has their own airspace or maps in MMO. Nations receive points for raiding and attacking the enemy’s airspace and for defending your own. Strategic points and Mother-ships generate randomly and will help gain earnings or NCPs.

Brigades and Leaders:

Brigades are formed, similar to guilds in other games, and can have up to 40 members. You can also choose to start a party or formation battle but only if all members or both formations are in the same map.

Air Rivals9

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Leaders are formed within brigades by members voting for them, there must be 15 or more members in order to vote. If a member has 60 or above and 1000 fame, others might want to choose that person as their leader in a particular nation. As a leader, you will enjoy many added perks for a month including 10,000 shield points!

Graphics and Sounds:

Air Rivals has exemplary 3D graphics considering this is a very fast-paced shooter game. There are loads of maps and various territories within the game. Maps, gear and graphics are all extremely well done! On top of that, the graphics do not interfere with the game’s smoothing running system.

The sound is excellent without being overbearing. Some games the sound becomes too much after constant battle. Air Rivals doesn’t do that and therefore the sound is much better than most MMOs. On top of that, you can add your own music to a folder installed on your PC and enjoy!

In Conclusion:

If you love fast-paced action shooter games, you are truly going to love Air Rivals! With an excellent blend of classic Arcade style shooting games with the technology of a modern 3D game.

This Free To Play MMO is highly recommended for MMO fans. Spend 5 minutes in this game and you will be coming back for more!  It is highly addictive and a great deal of fun!

Air Rivals is free to play.

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