Air Jet Control Free – Flight Joyride

6.2 Overall Score
Gameplay: 6/10 1
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 6/10

Fun game for all ages and smooth gameplay

Few bugs

The best one word to describe this exciting game is addictive. You will find yourself wanting more and more of the game play action that you will experience when you begin this exciting game of jet control fun. You will be timed so be prepared to use your time management skills.

In this game you will need to land airplanes and jets safely on a runway. Sounds simple doesn’t it?  Well, you might think the concept is simple, but there is a real challenge as the time counts down. You will enjoy racing against the clock to land your airplanes safely. Make sure to take extra special care of your emergency aircrafts as well as the military ones.

Air Jet Control1

As these special aircrafts approach your air space you will want to make sure to get them safely landed as soon as possible as this is the most important for your game play success. Keep in mind you are not allowed to touch or control the military planes. By making sure you properly take care of these special aircrafts appropriately you will gain bonus points.

Your adrenaline will be rushing in no time as you manage the different plans as well as helicopters in an efficient and timely manner to safely land them on your runways. You will be able to unlock different achievements as you gain experience and points in throughout your game play. You can be the best and more favored air traffic controller around!

Air Jet Control4

You will have 7 original yet versatile maps to engage in. You will find great stimulating action while playing these maps that you will become addicted to this game in no time. The background music is astoundingly cool. Normally, gamming music is not that good, but Air Jet Control Free – Flight Joyride definitely offers a good choice of background music that is not annoying in any way. You will also enjoy the realistic effects the clouds will offer to your visual stimulation. This game has great graphics as well.

Make sure to have a good strategy and revamp it as you learn the game. This will help you beat the clock in a more efficient manner as you race to land your planes. There are several achievements you will be able to attain along the way. You will be fighting to become the greatest air traffic controller of all time so make sure to stay on your toes at all times.

Air Jet Control3

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You can submit your scores on the Game Center and compete against others. Show off your top scores and be the best!  A little competition always makes games more exciting anyway. So, tell your friends and then show off your skills by outdoing and out maneuvering them.

As you see the different aircrafts coming into your air space, make sure to keep calm. They will come at you at different times and there will be times when you will have to depend on your adrenaline to swiftly get your through some levels, but that just makes the game so much more awesome!

Air Jet Control Free – Flight Joyride is free to play.

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