Air Guardians

7.3 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10 6
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 7/10

Easy to master | Good arcade-style physics

Dated graphics | UI issues

Air Guardians is a futuristic, flight simulation game where your mission is to shoot down the enemy fighter craft. The story behind the game is built around a hostile government threat attempting to overpower the air space, but they were not counting on you being there to defend it. Navigate adventurous air combat action with the fast-moving shooter and easy controls. You can power through epic spaceship battles and nocturnal base raids. True to life ground environment enhances your experience as you intercept enemy bombers. Military voice dialogue introduces each mission and you’ll quickly find yourself waist deep in the action.

Air Guardians11


  • In game narration intensifies the experience
  • Noteworthy visuals and military dialogue make it realistic
  • Sound effects that include missile launches and combat explosions
  • Alternative mission play and cut scenes between missions
  • Easy to use controls and available customization
  • Short tutorial provides simple instructions
  • Hours of action and fun

Air Guardians12

Brief scenes and dialogue introduce each mission and outline the objective. You will lead the air force of advanced fighter craft defending against a world government takeover. Choose your offensive weapons from the machine gun, homing missiles, or proximity missiles. Line up attack runs on heavy vessels with an infinite number of auto-lock missiles. The dazzling visuals in Air Guardians ensure the large scale fleet battles are quite spectacular. Perfect evasive techniques simultaneously while spiraling between massive cruisers. Awesome sound effects add to realistic military factions of war.


If you are into high energy combat, military overture, and a true-to-life setting in the distant future then this is your game. You are quickly immersed in combat action and the objective of each mission. Choose your weapon and go to work. The enemy needs to be shot down. What you can’t out-shoot, you out-fly. This game will grab your attention and keep you entertained for hours. You can play alone or with friends. Trade ideas and strategies while developing countermeasures for the enemy’s defeat.

Air Guardians1

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Air Guardians is very competitively priced in their arena. It is extremely affordable for the hours of fun it offers, making it available to just about everyone. This arcade flight shooter delivers the excitement of a flight combat experience for about the price of a milkshake. I highly recommend Air Guardians. It is fun and exciting to play, easy to learn, and reasonable priced. You are going to love it!

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