Air Force vs. Luftwaffe HD

6.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 6/10 7
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 7/10

There are loads of different missions and upgrades to unlock

Machine-guns fire very slowly

If you are looking for an action packed adventurous game than you have found the right game with Air Force vs. Luftwaffe HD. This game has so many missions and a huge number of aircrafts to choose from that you will be amazed at the game play. So if you want to take part in some intense dogfighting or bombing raids, grab your control and get started.

In this game you will be able to experience the game either from the ally’s point of view or as the perspective of the axis. Either way you choose to go you will be able to combat in so many action packed battles. In the heat of the battle you will be able to experience dogfighting like never before, intercept your opponent’s bombers, lead allied formations, bomb and sink your opposing ships, start a bombing raid on ground targets, cover for your ground troops with your aircraft and so much more!

Air Force5

As you go through the game you will be able to unlock different aircrafts. There are 16 different aircrafts in all and 12 of the fighter planes are locked so make sure to play your best. As you climb up the ranks you will gain access to these fighter planes along the way. You will not have the option to command an ever growing squadron and not be left to fight your battles all on your own. Your squadron will be there to help you defeat the enemy by supporting you and doing what you instruct them to do.

There are different modes available in Air Force vs. Luftwaffe HD and you will find enjoyment in each one. No matter if you are on missions or in survival mode, you will enjoy the experience you gain as well as the adventure you will be able to go on.

Air Force8

Show off your skills as you fly your aircrafts over enemy lines with some amazing and realistic swoops, looping, and other flying maneuvers to add a little more excitement to your thrilling game experience.

With most fighter games you will get to see visuals from behind, inside, as well as above the actual aircraft but with Air Forces vs. Luftwaffe HD you will get to see a side scrolling view as well. This makes game play even more realistic. Things you will want to remember is tilting your device left will cause your plane to ascend and tilting to the right will point your aircraft node down.

Air Force3

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If you tilt your aircraft for a long time you will enable your spitfire, hurricane, or another of the many controls that this game offers. The control scheme offered in this game is stunningly cool. There are so many ways you can control you plane by the many buttons on screen or various tilting abilities.

This game will love this game from the beginning as you will find enormous amounts of excitement you will be able to engage in. So get ready and take off!

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