Air Conflict: Pacific Carriers

8.3 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10 4
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10

Solid action and well-mixed mission design

Switching between planes is arduous

Unlike all the rest, Air Conflic: Pacific Carriers brings new ideas to the game table. With the new concepts this game offers you will be pleasantly pleased at the game play and what you will experience throughout your exciting adventures.

In this game you will be able to choose which side you want to play. For instance, would you like to fight as the Americans or as the Japanese? There are over four different levels as well.  You will get to experience these levels when you take on Pearl Harbor, be part of the battle of Midway as well as Wake Island and probably the coolest level is the ability to have your very own squadron!

Air Conflict12

You will be able to choose your squadron and have your very own choice of torpedo bombers, fighters, bombers, etc…  Since each has different characteristics, you can choose what will work best for your desired squadron.

This game is amazing and you will enjoy playing it very much. The graphics are probably the best available for flight simulator games available today. Another cool feature this game offers is you will be able to switch between your aircrafts during your battles. This works great, especially if the aircraft you are in runs out of ammo. You can set your controls to simulation instead of arcade and vice versa.

Air Conflict8

The more missions your pilot completes the more experience he gets and he levels up. This is a great aspect but one of the most fun features in Air Conflict: Pacific Carriers is the ability to bomb ships and submarines. Though this feature is a little challenging it really is fun and adds excitement to the game play.

You will be able to choose your aircraft before each mission. This is great because it offers you the opportunity to be in total control. It does matter what aircraft you choose though. So make sure to choose wisely as you will not want to choose a fighter plane when you are going on a bombing raid.

Air Conflict5

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This game does add a lot of realism to it such as you will be able to fight real battles that actually happened in history. Another aspect of realism is the fact that your aircraft will run out of ammo, but since you can swap around to other aircrafts on your team you will be able to manage well.

Air Conflict: Pacific Carriers was created by Games Farm. It was published by bitComposer Games and does offer a fun experience and realistic combative adventures. You will enjoy the exciting journey you will be able to take as you take on your enemy at these very well known and historical battles. The neat thing about it is, you can fight for whatever side you wish. Whether you fight with the Americans or fight as the Japanese, you will get to experience action packed combat game play that will leave you wanting more. You will have fun playing Air Conflict – Pacific Carriers.

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