Aerofly FS

8.8 Overall Score
Gameplay: 9/10 9
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10

Simple control scheme | Beautiful scenery

Limited content | Can be boring after a while

Aerofly FS is a fun flight simulation game with beautiful, life-like graphics. The game takes place in Switzerland and features amazingly realistic representations of the country’s terrain, as well as its airports. The hangars, airports, and taxiways are reproduced in exact detail, so you really feel like you are right there, landing your plane at an airport in the Swiss Alps.

The graphics look so real that the game would still be fun even if you were only player the role of a passenger, looking out the windows of the plane, but you are actually the pilot, and if you think the green hillsides, mountain lakes, and Swiss chalets are impressive, wait until you see the plane controls.  The basic instruments, including the altitude, artificial horizon, climbing, heading, speed, and turn indicator show their real values, and they are animated in realistic detail. These features combine with realistic flight physics to make you feel like you are flying a real plane.

Aerofly FS6

You might think that successfully playing such a detailed flight simulation game would require you to study aviation in real life, but Aerofly FS is surprisingly easy to learn to play. Its interface is versatile; you can fly your plane by using a gamepad, joystick, keyboard or mouse. You can choose the flight conditions for each flight, depending on you much of a challenge you want.

That means you can choose the temperature, the time of day, and whether it is sunny, cloudy, foggy, or rainy. You can even choose the speed and direction of the wind. You can also choose to fly different types of planes, including jet planes (like modern commercial aircraft), gliders, or aerobatics planes. Flying each type of plane requires you to use and develop a different set of skills.

Aerofly FS10

You can also select your level of skill, anywhere from “beginner” to “expert”. At the lower skill levels, the game will give you more help so that you can concentrate on mastering the basics of flight. The expert level has much in common with the flight simulations that real pilots use at early stages of their flight training.

You can choose to be the pilot or the co-pilot for any flight in Aerofly FS. As with real planes, you can set the plane to “autopilot” for periods of time. When you choose the autopilot function in Aerofly FS, labels will appear on the locations of mountains and towns as you pass them. You can enjoy the beautiful Swiss scenery and discover places that you will want to go after you land your plane.

Aerofly FS12

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Aerofly FS was first released in 2012. It is compatible with Mac and windows operating systems. It can work on Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP, as well as on Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7, and 10.8. On both the Windows version and the Mac version, you can use the built in mouse pad to play Aerofly FS. That means you can even play during a plane ride to somewhere less fun than Switzerland.

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