Games Like World of Warplanes

Here is a list of games that are similar to World of Warplanes.

Heroes Over Europe

Heroes Over Europe9

With four gameplay modes to choose from, you can play with up to 16 of your friends. Go back to the time of WWII and battle in the air as you experience fun missions and those are paired with high def graphics. You also have customizable aircraft’s, and everything was made to look realistic including recreated London, Berlin and more.

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DogFighter 4

How would you and 15 of your friends like a chance to battle each other in this great aerial combat racing simulation? DogFight will have you racing the clock as well as avoiding obstacles and taking down your enemies in this amazing entertainment. See who is best out of you and your friends.

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Rise of Flight: The First Great Air War

Rise 1

You will be under intense stress from challenges that arise as you fly the skies scouting for enemies during World War I. You will have missions to take on while keeping an eye out for enemies coming up to shoot you down. Available for download, you may even get addicted to playing as it can get competitive with friend!

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Battle of Britain II – Wings of Victory

Battle of Britain8

It is time to take flight in this amazing aerial combat flight simulation. Wings of Victory will have you flying in different areas as well as crossing into enemy territories to destroy them. You will get to choose your plane and then from there it is up to you on how you use it.

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Air Conflict: Pacific Carriers

Air Conflict12

In ground combat, you have things to keep you hidden as you take out the enemy. Air combat is more challenging as you have much less to hide behind, unless it’s cloudy you will be spotted a long way off, and then be heard as well. If you like a challenge, and flying then this is the entertainment you’ve been searching for.

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Wings of Prey

Wings of Prey7

Would you like a chance to experience some of the greatest air battles of all time from World War II? You will have a chance in Wings of Prey. This is one simulation that will have you flying all over the world to take down your enemies as you are trying to protect your nation.

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Heroes in the Sky

Heroes in the Sky12

You are the pilot of a fighter plane and the commander of a fleet of planes. Your job is to send your fleet into action and save your nation from enemy attacks. You can enjoy the amazing 3D graphics as well as a variety of planes to use. This is one simulation that you can play for hours.

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War Thunder

War Thunder6

Get ready for a one of a kind gaming experience. You will have a chance to fly some of the greatest fighter planes of World War II. This is a great MMO experience for either beginners or veteran gamers. You will certainly be challenged as well as have hours of fun.

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IL-2 Sturmovick Cliffs of Dover

IL-2 10

If you are a fan of old aircraft’s, and want to be able to fly them, here’s your chance. Cliffs of Dover provides you with 30 original aircraft’s to choose from and go on challenging air assaults in the skies over many places like France, Belgium, London and more as you take place in some of the craziest battles during the 1940’s.

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Dogfight 1942

Dogfight 11

Dogfight 1942 is a great cross platform entertainment that is appropriate for all ages. It takes you back to WW II and captures the environment in an arcade style. Choose from 20 aircraft’s such as the P 38 Lightning, or Japanese Kate. You’ll experience real events like the Battle of Midway, and Yamato.

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DCS P-51D Mustang

DCS P-51D 5

Get ready for a one of a kind experience as you fly through the skies and destroy various enemies in this awesome combat simulation. You will be flying the famous Mustang fighter plane into challenges as well as battle. You will get to see what it would really be like to fly a plane.

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European Air War


If you ever wanted to battle during the second world war, but wasn’t able to, here is your chance. You will be shooting down Messerschmitt fighters while trying to protect the B-17’s they are trying to bring down. You will experience the excitement known as dog-fighting, flying over France and trying to reach your destination within the Third Reich.

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Birds of Steel

Birds of Steel4

Birds of Steel brings you an unusual twist to the flight simulator genre with it’s mission editor tool that brings customization to your finger tips. You get to fly over 100 different planes that were popular during the World War 2 era. Fly through the sky dogfighting and dive bombing your way to victory!

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DCS A-10C Warthog

DCS A-10C 12

Are you ready to fly the amazing Warthog? You will get a chance in another edition of DCS. You will get to fly in a realistic environment. The cockpit is surrounded with buttons that will have you flying. It is up to you to enjoy yourself as you destroy your enemies.

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