Games Like Skyrama

Here is a list of games that are similar to Skyrama.


Airline Tycoon 2

Airline 1

If you have ever thought about having a large airport of your own check this out , you may want to think real hard on it first. That would make you the person responsible for everything that needs to get done, in this, you are the one to see that it does.

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Airport City

Airport City8

You will be able to explore your building knowledge in this MMO game. Building businesses, homes, hotels and motels, and much more. This is the new way of interacting, social skills are beneficial in today’s society, but with the everyday rush to get things done no one has the time for it. That is why interacting games like this are so popular.

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Airport Mania 2 – Wild Trips

Airport Mania 2 7

There are mini tasks in each of the airport for you to find, explore and use those strategies. this is the sequel to Airport Mania: First Flight, in this version you will fly around the world, there are nine specific places you’ll want to see. Hope you can swim, cause when your landing the aircraft on a small area out in the ocean accidents happen.

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Airport Mania: First Flight – Online

Airport Mania - First Flight - Online

This is your chance to shine, you just became the tower controller with responsibilities. You will be managing the landing and flight take offs, as well as overseeing all of the other employees. Being able to multitask is going to be very helpful in this position. Although it may appear that things are off to a slow start, watch out for they will pick up quickly.

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Airport Madness – Time Machine

Airport Madness 8

Going back in time you are going to see what the very first international airport look like up close and personal. You have the opportunity here to be there in this realistic virtual gameplay and know what it felt like to see Lindbergh break the sound barrier, and witness the Boeing 737’s first passenger flight, it was the first passenger Jet flight ever!

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X-Plane 10

X-plane 10 10

You are about to get your flight experience in the X-Plane 10. This realistic flight simulator is going to give you a taste of what it is all about, you are going to find this intriguing, exciting and also have fun with it. It is loaded with action, and has many features to offer.

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This is the MMO that lets you get in the pilot’s seat and soar the skies. Imagine, being able to do this without having to train and go to school for a long time. This gameplay is so realistic you will feel as though it’s real. It is downloadable, and it is free for you to play.

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Infinite Flight – Flight Simulator

Infinite Flight12

You can play this MMO straight from your phone, so it is available to you all the time. You’re going to get in the  pilot’s seat and take control of everything from the cockpit controls to landing and taking off. Choosing any aircraft of your choice is one of the features, with many more features to offer you.

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In this MMO game you will get to experience just how it feels to fly across the skies in your own airplane. The feeling is a fantastic one and it is so realistic that you’re going to want to do it over and over again. This is downloadable, and also available to you to play for free.

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Airport Rush – Online

Airport Rush - Online

Here’s your chance to find out just how hard it is running a large airport. You will be the one to see to it that all passengers are happy and get to their destinations on time. You are also the one that makes sure that all airplanes land and take off as scheduled. This is downloadable, and you can play it for free.

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Air Patriots

Air Patriots8

In this MMO game of defense you have the option of what path you’ll take when you fly. It even allows the immovability of the tower, and when you are flying! You can download it to your iPhone 4 or 5, and even your iPad. You are going to find it to be fun and exciting.

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Airport Scanner

Airport Scanner12

In this massive multiplayer entertainer you are the TSA Agent and it is your responsibility to keep the people and the airport safe. One of the things you’ll be doing is running the scanner over the passengers baggage and other items to ensure that they are not carrying any contraband.

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Airplane Traffic

Airplane Traffic1

This is an simulation of airplane landing. It feels realistic and you will be at an awe. You are going to find it to be exciting, fun, interesting, and that it can hold your attention for hours of play. Oh, and did I mention how addicting it is? Do you think you would be able to calculate the logistics of landing an airplane?

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