Games Like Airport Mania 2 – Wild Trips

Here is a list of games that are similar to Airport Mania 2 – Wild Trips.

Airport Mania: First Flight – Online

Airport Mania - First Flight - Online1

You’re about to take control of the airports tower, managing the schedules of all the landing times of the planes. There is always numerous things going on at the airport, and it’s a necessity to be able to multitask. Things may start off rather slow, but they will pick up pace very soon afterwards.

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Airport City

Airport City12

You will get to socially interact with others during this gameplay. As well as build things like houses, businesses, and even your own airport. You can create an entire town if you like. And if that isn’t enough for you think about being able to control airplanes, yep, control airplanes.

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This simulates an actual airport and though it may begin with a slow pace it will quickly pick up the pace. You are charging for your planes to take people where they need to go, and then eventually, you’re  going to have enough money to purchase your own airport. Then, you can build hotels and other businesses around your airport.

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Airport Madness – Time Machine

Airport Madness 4

Here you will get to adventure back in time. Going back to when the first big international airport was built. You will even get to experience being there when Lindbergh goes through the barrier of sound. And you are going to be able to feel what it was like actually seeing the first jet to carry passengers, and the birth of Boeing 737.

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Airline Tycoon 2

Airline 1

There is going to be so much to handle being in charge of this airport. This is going to let you experience owning your own airport. You will be in control of everything, that mean the planes, the people, and everything that falls in between. Some of the things evolved will be economics, money management, handling of peoples comments and complaints.

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This is going to give you that opportunity of a life time you been waiting for. You’re going to experience the fantastic feeling of flying a plane yourself in this realistic gameplay. It is downloadable, and can be played on most game systems, best of all, it’s free for you to play!

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X-Plane 10

X-plane 10 8

This can be played on Linux, MAC, and the Windows platforms. it has a very realistic feeling of being in flight, giving you a great experience. The effects of the engineering are also realistic, and it allows you quality flying. With such realistic simulating to add to your adventures you just got to try it.

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Airport Rush – Online

Airport Rush - Online1

If you think that running an airport is simple, here is a chance to find out for yourself. You will be in charge of getting all passengers promptly to their planes and on time. Helping them to purchase their tickets, and also making sure that they get their baggage inspected correctly.

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Airline Baggage Mania

Airline Baggage Mania2

This will have gameplay that is fast pace, and you will be trying to beat the clock on this one. You will be responsible for everyone’s baggage, seeing to it that their baggage gets to where they pick it up on time. It contains seventy extraordinary levels of comical gameplay.

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Sim Air Traffic


As the new manager in charge of your local airport you will have many responsibilities. You will have to see to it that all airplanes land safely, un-board the passengers in a quick and safe matter, get re-fueled promptly, and then re-board passengers for a prompt take off when the times comes.

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JFK Airplane Parking


You have just been hired by the local airport as a pilot to park the jet airplanes. These jets need to be parked very carefully so they can be ready for their next scheduled take off. This will have to be done without getting any damage to the jet of course, and that is what you are here for.

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Park My Plane


So, you want to park some planes do you. Hope you have nerves made of iron, cause that is what you’re going to need, and it don’t matter if you’re highly trained or not. This is where you will get that chance you been waiting for, to get in the pilot’s seat and take it away.

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In case you were thinking of how dangerous it must be for planes up there in the sky, you should know that it can be more dangerous when they are on the runways, here is your chance to experience just how dangerous it can be. There will be a task in each level to be completed in order to progress to the next.

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Airport Control


You are about to be in control of the airport tower, making sure that those planes get where they are suppose to be, and on time. It is not hard to get off to a good start in this entertainer, but once you’re in things will start to get a little bit challenging.

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