Games Like Airport City

Here is a list of games that are similar to Airport City.

Airport Mania 2 – Wild Trips

Airport Mania 5

You can now visit Monsterville, Tiki Taka Island, North Pole, and even the Moon in this all new adventure. You will get to have a blast in an all new whimsical vacation getaway. You will fly around the whole world to enjoy a one of a kind gaming experience that is like no other.

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If you want to make loads of cash, you are going to have to send your planes all over the globe. Manage your very own line of airplanes that will deliver passengers to exotic locations and more. You will get to add hotels, cafes, and even parking garages as your airport grows.

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Airport Madness – Time Machine

Airport Madness 10

If you are ready to travel back in time in an all new version of Airport Madness, strap in and get ready for an adventure of a lifetime. You will get to see the first passenger jet, see the Lindbergh flight, watch the breaking of the sound barrier, and even witness the first Boeing 737 and so much more.

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Airline Tycoon 2

Airline 12

Do you have what it takes to run your own airline? This is your main responsibility as an airline tycoon and it is going to be a tough job. As long as everyone’s happy, then everything’s going to be just fine. Your people are waiting for you. Are you ready? Goodluck.

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You now have the chance to fly a plane in FlightGear. You can stray away from the same old types of 1D flight simulators to a great realistic flight. You will get to have an experience of a lifetime in your very own plane. It is free to play so you can play when ever you want to.

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X-Plane 10

X-plane 10 4

If you have been looking for a one of a kind flight simulator, look no further. X-Plane 10 is just that. It was designed to be played on Windows, MAC, and even Linux. You will feel as if you are really in the cockpit of a plane, in the captains chair flying your very own plane.

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Airport Mania: First Flight – Online

Airport Mania - First Flight - Online

Choose what plane will go down which runway as well as what terminals they will go to in First Flight. You will have your planes get gas as well as maintenance. Your plane will be the happiest when they have a terminal that matches the planes color. This is one of the best airplane entertainments for family.

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Airport Rush – Online

Airport Rush - Online

You now have your very own airport to run and manage. This is one unique and interesting amusement with endless possibilities. You will have to be responsible for all the passengers on your plane and make sure that they have a very calm flight. The more money that you get, the better your airport will be.

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Airline Baggage Mania

Airline Baggage Mania

Join in on the adventure in a great time management entertainment that allows you to deliver your passengers luggage on time and as quickly as possible. You will have to find what item goes in what suitcase and make sure that it is right as you try to get it to its owner on time.

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Sim Air Traffic


Are you ready to be an air traffic controller in this one of a kind strategy entertainment? If so, grab your orange vest and be ready to work. You will direct incoming airplanes to the proper runway or have them fly around when the runway is full. You are going to have to be sure to avoid crashes.

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Enter the dangerous runway to help land all the planes safely in this free to play video game. You will have to move jumbo jets down the runway as well as complete certain tasks in order to move on to the next level. As you advance the levels will get harder and the bonuses will get bigger.

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Park My Plane


It is time for you to be in charge of all the airplanes at this international  airport. You will start each level with a chance to select your difficulty and then you will begin your journey. You will take control of every plane that comes to land and make sure that it goes to the right terminal that matches its country flag.

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JFK Airplane Parking


You will have quite a challenge as you usher important VIP passengers to their flight terminals in your very own bus. You will try your hardest to get all your passengers to their flight without crashing into other cars or objects that are in the car park. Have them arrive safely and earn rewards.

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Airport Control


It is up to you to guide your planes to the right runways, terminals and help your passengers leave the plane in order to collect cash. You will have to find the correct runway to land on then have it go to the right terminal to let the passengers exit the plane. Once everyone is out of the plane, you will have it take off again.

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