Games Like Airline Tycoon Evolution

Here is a list of games that are similar to Airline Tycoon Evolution.



This simulates an actual airport and though it may begin with a slow pace it will quickly pick up the pace. You are charging for your planes to take people where they need to go, and then eventually, you’re  going to have enough money to purchase your own airport. Then, you can build hotels and other businesses around your airport.

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Airport Mania 2 – Wild Trips

Airport Mania 5

Each airport is going to give you some exploring to do and you will find some short tasks to complete at each of the airports as well. This is the sequel to Airport Mania: First Flight, and in this version you’re going on a journey that takes you around this world. You’ll get to go to the North Pole, and to the Moon.

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Airport Madness – Time Machine

Airport Madness 3

You are about to go back to when they built the first international airport. In this exciting and fun gameplay full of adventures in airplanes in the past you will be able to be there when Lindbergh goes flying past the sound barrier. And you will be able to see the birth of Boeing 737.

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Airline Tycoon 2

Airline 12

Being in charge of an airport is a big responsibility. Have you ever wanted to won your own airport? Well, that’s just what you can do here.  You are going to be in charge of all the planes, and even the people who are at the airport. Being in control lets you handle things like money, complaints, and schedules.

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Airport City

Airport City HD

If you enjoy being socially interactive, you’re going to love this game, it lets you interact with others during gameplay. And being able to build houses from your own designs will be great too. You will be able to construct buildings for businesses as well. What do you think about controlling a few airplanes? that’s right, you get to do this and so much more.

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X-Plane 10

X-plane 10 12

This will give you a feeling of what it is like to fly on a plane. It is very realistic, and so is the engineering, and that is why you get this gives such a quality flight. It is available to download and play on most of  the modern systems of today.

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Do you want to have the feeling of flying a plane? This is going to let you do that and more. It is very realistic, this simulation will be exciting and fun. You can download it, and it is free to you. So go ahead and do yourself a favor, download today.

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Airport Mania: First Flight – Online

Airport Mania - First Flight - Online

You are now in control of a tower at the airport. You are going to be responsible for the scheduling of all the airplanes. Seeing that when taking off and landing is done safely and promptly. Your also responsible for all the passengers safety. One must be able to multitask in order to accomplish everything that needs to be done.

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Airport Rush – Online

Airport Rush - Online1

Ever wondered how one would go about running an entire airport? You can find out right here, downloadable and free to play. You are going to be making sure passengers can get to their planes promptly. As well as helping them with buying their tickets, and any questions they should need answered.

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Airline Baggage Mania

Airline Baggage Mania1

Try beating the clock with this entertainer, it is fast paced. Everyone will hold you responsible for their baggage should it be lost or held back somewhere. It is up to you how to go about making sure that all passengers have their baggage waiting on them when they arrive to pick it up.

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JKF Airplane Parking


Airplanes in the sky are not just in danger when up there, there is more danger on a runway for airplanes than there is in the air. Now you will get to experience just how much could go wrong on the runways, while your parking the jets, that is right, you will be parking jets that are big in size and have roaring engines.

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You will be require to complete a task on every level to go on to the next level. In this fast paced game you’ll experience what it is like to be in a plane on the runways at some of the largest in airports in the world. This is an exciting and free to play game.

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Sim Air Traffic


It is now up to you to make sure all planes get to land safely on the runway and on time. You are responsible for all of the passengers, and their safety. It is going to be a big job to keep everything moving smoothly, but, there are the schedules that have to be abided by.

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Airport Control


This is a slow starter, but after it gets going things will pick up pretty fast. In this entertainer you will be in charge of the airport tower. Managing all those who are working with you to see to it that all the planes get to land safely and hopefully on time.

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Park My Plane


Those who spend their days or nights parking airplanes at the airports have to do so without hitting anything on the way to park them, or for that matter while parking them. You will be parking the planes so they can get prepared for the next time they are scheduled to take off.

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